Courtney Stodden To Get Her Boobs Verified (Photo)

Courtney Stodden To Get Her Boobs Verified (Photo)

Teen bride Courtney Stodden married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison at the tender age of 16. Since, she’s been oversexualized in the media and has tweeted some pretty nasty stuff, for someone of her age. She’s obviously in it for the massive amounts of attention that she’s receiving.

Now, she’s appearing on Dr. Drew’s show, to show the world that she hasn’t had any work done to her boobs. In the above photo, you can see Courtney dressed in a hospital gown, giving her signature palsy-like teeth lick, because no one taught this girl how to act.

Apparently there are enough people out there who are calling BS on whether or not this girl has had a boob job, so Dr. Drew decided to help her out with debunking the rumors — or not.

What do you think? She carries herself in a way that makes everything seem fake, doesn’t she?

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