Cradle Of Filth: Paul Allender custom mix of ‘Under Huntress Moon’ Available

Dani Filth

Remember I told you about Cradle of Filth’s Thornography “Harder Darker Faster” DVD? Well the special edition comes as a cool, high-quality DVD with tons of extra tracks, videos, mobile content, MP3s, and boatloads of interactive bonus content.

The DVD also features two tracks that come in U Myx format, which allows you to remix the tracks.

Paul Allender has shown us on their website what you can do with the remixes. How cool is that, right? He remixed, “Under Huntress Moon” for our listening pleasures.

Go to CoF’s official web site and check it out

And check out their new song, “Devil to the Metal”, here. It’s freakin’ awesome.

I know this article is about Paul, but I couldn’t help but to post a picture of Dani, cuz he’s just so freakin’ hot.

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