Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Is Kaput?

Dancing With The Stars All-Stars Is Kaput?

After only one season of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars”, apparently the show is already kaput. Let’s not get it twisted, though…The regular version of the show is doing just fine and should be around for plenty of seasons to come, but the All-Stars show basically bombed into oblivion and has received its death certificate.

This past season, some fan favorites and other not-so-favorites (we’re looking at you, Bristol Palin) were brought back in a second attempt to compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy. Now, it appears that the show wasn’t doing so well in the ratings and therefore, must receive its last rites.

ABC Entertainment Chairman Paul Lee said, “It turns out people like to see bad dancing as much as they like to see good dancing.”

Interestingly enough with his comment we are left feeling perplexed. On the All-Stars season, we had the good (Gilles Marini and Kelly Monaco) and the bad dancing (again, Bristol Palin and Pamela Anderson). So where’s the logic? The ratings, of course.

Nielsen said that the show’s viewership of 14.8 million on Monday nights last fall was down 21 percent from the previous year’s numbers. Sealing in the show’s fate was the fact that the 18 to 49-year-old demographic was also off by 31 percent.

ABC has more details on the numbers:

Lee said it is clear the show’s fans enjoy the journey of celebrities learning how to dance. This spring’s edition features first-time competitors.

The average “Dancing With the Stars” viewer this fall was 61, making it ABC’s oldest-skewing show. But it has had an important side benefit for ABC the past few years in boosting “Good Morning America” ratings when dancing contestants appear on the morning news show.

This fall’s failure notwithstanding, ABC said it will continue to air separate new editions of “Dancing” in the spring and fall.

“There is a lot of life left in it,” Lee said.

The show’s slippage had much to do with ABC’s problems in the fall. Viewership is down 7 percent from last fall for the third-place network behind CBS and NBC, although both CBS and Fox had steeper declines, Nielsen said.

What did you think of the All-Stars season of the show? Hit the comments and let us know if you thought it was a win or a lose for the network.

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