Dancing With The Stars Results Show Double Elimination Recap 10/9/12

Dancing With The Stars Results Show Double Elimination Recap 10/9/12

Last night’s performance episode of “Dancing With The Stars” showed off some serious dancing talent with the celebrities and their pro dance partners doing their iconic dances. Last week, head judge Len Goodman challenged the pairs to recreate “iconic” DWTS dances from seasons past. In case you’ve missed the episode, we’ve recapped all of the scores here.

After last night, Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas are at the bottom of the leaderboard once more. They are followed by Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Drew Lachey and his partner Anna Trebunskaya. Drew and Anna have already been in the bottom two once before. Also, despite scoring the lowest last week, Bristol and Mark were saved by their fans’ votes. Can they do it again? That remains to be seen, but we will be recapping the show tonight, so stay tuned to Earsucker.


Len said that he wanted to see Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough’s Quickstep again. We’re starting off tonight’s elimination with Melissa and Tony, Gilles and Peta, Kirstie and Maks and Emmitt and Cheryl. Melissa and Tony, Gilles and Peta and Emmitt and Cheryl are safe. Kirstie and Maks are in jeopardy!

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer performed a nice number with the dance troupe. Onto the elimination, we’ve got Shawn and Derek, Helio and Karina, Drew and Anna and Kelly and Val. Shawn and Derek along with Helio and Karina are safe! Drew and Anna are in jeopardy, while Kelly and Val are safe.

Between Drew and Anna and Kirstie and Maks, getting eliminated right now are Drew and Anna! Are you surprised? Upon learning that he was eliminated, he said that he wouldn’t change a thing.

Now, they are revealing the dance styles for the dancers for next week’s performance episode. Some include Bolery, Contemporary and Hip Hop. The competitors will have ten seconds to choose. The lowest scorer will pick the dance for the highest scorers and on down.

Bristol and Mark are choosing for Gilles and Peta. They’ve chosen Bollywood for them. Funny. Next up are Kirstie and Maks are choosing for Sabrina and Louis. They’ve chosen Disco. Next, Helio and Chelsie who are picking for Shawn and Derek. They’ve chosen Mambo. The next to choose are Kelly and Val, choosing a dance for Emmitt and Cheryl. They’ve picked Bolero. Melissa and Tony are picking for Apolo and Karina, and have chosen Hip Hop. Choosing next are Apolo and Karina choosing for Melissa and Tony and they’ve selected Jitterbug. Choosing next are Emmitt and Cheryl who are choosing for Kelly and Val and have chosen Contemporary. Choosing next are Shawn and Derek, choosing Broadway for Helio and Chelsie. Up next are Sabrina and Louis choosing Charleston for Kirstie and Maks. Lastly, Bristol and Mark will be dancing Rock N Roll next week.

There are three couples remaining, Sabrina and Louis, Helio and Chelsie and Bristol and Mark. Out of those three, the next couple that is safe is Bristol and Mark. Seriously?!?

Getting eliminated on tonight’s show are Helio and Chelsie. What do you think of the results? Are you surprised that Bristol made it through another week???

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