Dancing With The Stars week eight recap & scores 5/9/11

Dancing With The Stars week eight recap & scores 5/9/11

It’s Dancing With The Stars time again, so stay tuned to Earsucker for all of the latest updates as we watch the show with you. In case you’ve missed last week’s show, check out our live recap of the results show, where reality star Kendra Wilkinson was eliminated.

Tonight, the dancers are doing an individual dance along with an instant dance.

Round One – Individual Dances:

Dancing first are Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas doing the Waltz. The dance is the epitome of elegance, softness and emotion. Chelsea definitely deserves a spot in the top four. Len said she put too much emphasis on the story and it became a little bit theatrical for his tastes, but overall he liked it. Bruno said Mark found the perfect setting for Chelsea to shine like a precious jewel. Carrie Ann said Chelsea earned perfection through her dance. Score: 29

For their instant dance, they got Get Busy by Sean Paul. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue watching the show with you!

Dancing second are Hines Ward and Kym Johnson doing their Foxtrot. The dance is a little slower than most Foxtrots I’ve seen and it seems disconnected at points. They look like they’re having a good time on the dance floor, as Hines has become the guy to beat (along with Ralph) this season. Bruno loved it and said it was beaming with a blissful sense of happiness. Carrie Ann said she thought it was more Gene Kelly and Hines stuck to the program and she loved it. Len said his personaly radiates through the ballroom and the dance was fluid. He also said, “If that’s cheese, then I love it.” Score: 28

Instant dance: Chantilly Lace by Jerry Lee Lewis.

Dancing third are Romeo and Chelsie Hightower, doing the Tango. The dance has already started out as high energy and they’re keeping the footwork fancy. Romeo has good posture and you can tell he’s a serious contender. Carrie Ann said Romeo was in it to win it and the dance had intensity. Len said Romeo upped his game this week. Bruno said Romeo danced like a real man out there and was convincing leading the Tango. Score: 27

Instant dance: Tequila by Xavier Cugat

Dancing next are Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff. He suffered an injury prior to tonight’s competition, causing people to think that he may not be able to compete tonight. Tonight, they are doing the Viennese Waltz. They’re doing a beautiful job, I only hope that Ralph isn’t suffering as a result. He looked as if he almost let go of her hand at one point, which would’ve caused her to fall. Still, it was an excellent dance. The judges comments were great and Carrie Ann said his performance was inspiring. She said he did it with grace, but they have to judge them based on not knowing that he had an injury. Score: 25

Instant dance: Stuck In The Middle by Stealers Wheel

Dancing last for the individual dances are Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, doing the Argentine Tango. Kirstie took two tumbles during the promo for the show. (Update: It was actually three times that she fell. She tweeted on May 6th, “Ok… I fell down three times today dancing.. Once off the stage like Lady GaGa!!! But then…. There was that beautiful Tango… Ahhhhhhhh”.

Kirstie is definitely showing some signs of improvement and Maks is totally jazzing up her dance completely. Bruno said it was sensual and sultry with a hint of aggression. He said her footwork was brilliant and her talent is huge. Carrie Ann said she felt real life chemistry and passion and she topped her Cha Cha. Len said it was hot and he was surprised that Maks only took his hat off. Score: 28

Instant dance: Cobrastyle by Teddy Bears Ft. Mad Cobra

Round Two – Instant Dances

Chelsea and Mark are doing the Salsa for their instant dance. They are very nicely coordinated for this dance and cute dancing together. This is totally pro dancing right here. Go Chelsea! Well done! Len said the Salsa was hot. Bruno said she’s setting the bar very high. Carrie Ann said she did not feel a connection to the music. Score: 26

Hines and Kym are doing a Jive for their instant dance, next. They seem to be coping well with the instant dance, considering that they’ve just found out tonight what the music was going to be. Very well done. Bruno said the energy was fantastic, and it was a difficult dance. Carrie Ann said they did an amazing job and they were right on the beat. Len said he could tell Hines had worked hard this week. Score: 26

Romeo and Chelsie are doing the Salsa for their instant dance. Romeo was defintely on his game for this dance and you could tell her was having a blast. Carrie Ann said she felt like they were at a club, but they got out of sync toward the end. Len said they had the club atmosphere and he loved it. Bruno said the Salsa is about fluidity of movement. Score: 25

Doing the Cha Cha for their instant dance are Ralph and Karina. It’s a good thing that he obviously remembered the choreography for this dance, because he’s doing a great job. Len said he said something has to give when you’re not one hundred percent. Bruno said there wasn’t any hip action. Carrie Ann said it was amazing they were able to pull that off without any rehearsal. Standing ovation! Score: 21

Dancing last for their instant dance are Kirstie and Maks doing the Salsa. They are doing a great job, I’m still on Team Kirstie…especially after this dance. It was cute and better than some of her more prepared dancing. Bruno said they did a classic traditional Salsa, but they lost sync. Carrie Ann said she enjoyed it and thought they were totally in sync and she loved the chemistry between them. Len said she showed rhythm and it was oily and they were moving and it was fabulous. Score: 25

Who are you expecting to be eliminated on tomorrow night’s show? Stay tuned as we liveblog that from start to finish!

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