Dancing With The Stars Week Nine Semi-Finals Recap & Scores 5/16/11

Dancing With The Stars Week Nine Recap & Scores 5/16/11

On last week’s Dancing With The Stars elimination, we’ve seen the exit of Romeo and Chelsie Hightower. This week, the contestants are doing three separate dances!

We’re liveblogging the semi-finals of the show — and wondering who’s going to be eliminated on tomorrow night’s show. Any guesses??? An injured Kym Johnson will also be dancing, even though she was spotted in Los Angeles earlier this week, wearing a neck brace.

Round One

Dancing first are Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff, but first he said that it was the fans that got him through last week’s elimination. Poor guy, he said that his knee is still sore. He said now “it’s win or go home” and he doesn’t want to go home without the trophy.

Up first, they’re doing the Argentine Tango. He seems to have recovered nicely from his injury. He has such excellent posture and this is a very difficult dance. They did very nicely! Len said that he liked the setup and the dance was sharp and precise. Bruno said he was stern and slightly detached. He didn’t seem to like the dance, and the audience boo’ed. Carrie Ann said she wants to see it all connected. Score: 25

Stay tuned and keep refreshing as we recap the show live!

Dancing next are Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, doing the Viennese Waltz. Kirstie is doing a lot better with her dancing skills. She is showing a lot of improvement (could it be her partner?) She did a great job. Bruno said that she “set sail beautifully” and said “well done”. Carrie Ann said she was impressed and she felt brought into the whole performance. Len said it was a gruelling dance, but she had beautiful posture and good rotation. Score: 27

Up next are Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas doing the Argentine Tango. She is dancing so professionally, you can tell that she definitely deserves to be in the Finals. Very well done! Standing ovation from the audience. Carrie Ann said the dance wasn’t up to par and she didn’t feel Chelsea finished her moves. Len said her legs lacked authority, but it was clean and precise. Bruno said she played it well and she was on it. He gave her a very enthusiastic “well done!” Score: 28

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson are up next, and they’re showing footage of how she fell during rehearsal. They are doing the Argentine Tango and she’s dancing like she wasn’t injured at all. Good for her for bouncing back! Hines is doing well in this dance and he looks good. Hines is crying. You can tell that he was really worried about her. Len said he was there in the club, watching the story unfold. He said, “Now that is a Tango!” Bruno said it was like good sex, you never want it to end. Carrie Ann said she’s happy that Kym is okay and she’s so impressed with the routine. She said it was beyond anything they could’ve asked for in a dance routine. Score: 30!

Round Two:

Dancing first in the second round are Ralph and Karina, doing the Salsa. I really don’t like those old man pants on him. He’s doing a good job, shaking his money maker. He’s having a blast and I really wish I knew what she is wearing. Good lord, that’s awful. Len said it was too wild and there was no rhythm and it was too harsh. Bruno said he was too rough with ***** (?!?!???) They censored that portion of the commentary. Carrie Ann said she liked it and was impressed. Score: 23

Up next are Kirstie and Maks, doing the Paso Doble. She’s really starting this dance off fast and is totally moving her butt! She has a disgusted look on her face throughout the dance. Bruno said it was “Dance Trek 12: The Wrath Of Kirstie!” Carrie Ann said she is the queen of the Paso Doble and it was hot. Len said she danced fabulous and told her “well done.” Score: 27

Chelsea and Mark are dancing the Rhumba next. What a great job they’re doing. An elegant and fantastic dance. Kudos to them! Carrie Ann said that’s what she wants to see! Len said it had mood and was expressive and she created a natural hip action. Bruno said it was like a hypnotizing sequence of stunning shapes and was romantic and erotic — and stunning. Score: 30

Hines and Kym will be dancing last in round two, doing the Salsa. This is a really cute dance and it came together nicely. They are both pulling it off very nicely. Hines is moving like a total pro and he’s having a great time. He really fills the dance with personality. Len said Hines was steaming and he was beaming. Bruno said he was “just beautiful, man” and had great versatility. Carrie Ann said she got a lot of joy watching him dance. Score: 30

Round Three

The last round is the “Winner Takes All Cha Cha”, which will show all of the contestants competing on the dance floor. Two pairs of couples will compete against each other and the winners of both will compete in an instant Cha Cha. The winner will take a total of fifteen points and the other couples get zero. The judges are scoring the dances without any fan interaction.

The first two couples are Hines and Kym against Ralph and Karina. Hines is doing great and is having fun with it. Ralph is definitely doing better this round. That last move was hot! Go Ralph! Verdict: Hines & Kym.

The second couples are Chelsea and Mark against Kirstie and Maks. Chelsea is working this dance, for sure. She pulled off some tough moves in such a short period of time. Kirstie looks unsure of herself and isn’t moving nearly as fast as she was earlier. Verdict: Chelsea & Mark.

Now, Chelsea and Mark will be competing against Hines and Kym in the final dance of the night. They’re dancing to Just Dance by Lady Gaga and it’ll be Hines and Kym dancing first.

So who’s getting that extra fifteen points??? Chelsea & Mark!

Watch our site tomorrow as we cover the week nine elimination episode!

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