Danette Meyers insisting on jail time for Lindsay Lohan

Danette Meyers insisting on jail time for Lindsay Lohan

We’ve heard that the Prosecutor in Lindsay Lohan’s jewelry heist, Danette Meyers, is playing hard ball!

Reportedly, the D.A’s office is looking for jail time in ANY plea deal that Lindsay strikes as a result of the felony charges that were brought against her. Oh snap!

Lindsay’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley has been trying to work her magic for the rehabbed actress, but it might not be panning out for her as planned.

A source said, “Meyers is standing her ground and saying that any deal for Lindsay include jail time. This is a felony charge, and Lindsay has a criminal record. Meyers won’t back down on this. Both sides are now at an impasse.”

The DA is looking for Lindsay to serve at least 60 to 90 days in the slammer for this recent theft. But, Lindsay isn’t feeling the jail thing. A spy said, “Lindsay will do anything to not go back to jail. She can’t deal with jail again. If push comes to shove, Lindsay will go to trial on this case if a deal can’t be reached.”

What do you think? Should Lindsay do jail time?

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