Danielle Bradbery Calls ‘The Voice’ Win Overwhelming

Danielle Bradbery Calls 'The Voice' Win Overwhelming

On Tuesday evening, a new winner was chosen on this season of The Voice. Coach and country singer Blake Shelton mentored Danielle Bradbery to a nice win. It was an epic night which saw a performance from veteran songstress Cher. Watch her performance here.

Now, Danielle is speaking out on the topic of winning the current season of the show — which will see her signed to a major record label for an album release.

Danielle revealed, “I mean confetti and fireworks in the background and being handed this really heavy trophy. It was all so incredibly overwhelming. But I mean, I finished the song like they told me to. But yeah, it was scary.”

Blake said on Tuesday, “I’ve been drinking. Just so you know, I’ll be honest. This started out a special day because it’s my birthday. And my wife’s here with me and we’ve been having fun. We watched last night’s episode on DVR when we got home and the two of us decided that it’s up in the air. To see that Danielle won, that’s a big deal for me obviously. But it’s a bigger deal for this show because Danielle Bradbery is actually a true amateur and we saw her go from being that to a pro before our very eyes.”

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