Dave Mustaine files for divorce again from Pamela, his wife of 17 years

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has filed for divorce for the second time.

He submitted papers seeking a legal separation from his wife of 17-years, Pamela in San Diego Superior Court on February 28th. He last filed for divorce in 2006, but soon changed his mind.

He was chatting online with fans on the Gigantour forum on February 20th and said, “I am losing my marriage so I am done touring after this so I can move on with my life. I just have had my heart broken and I live for my two children and you (fans) now.”

He added, “I had to shut the Megadeth eBay store because it was one of my future ex’s friends and she told me I wasn’t a good enough Christian and also sent money to someone that claimed I owed her month. I flipped and that was it. Two days later I was in Finland and heading for divorce.”

The couple have two children, Justis and Electra.

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