Dave Mustaine gets mega mad at idiot fan

Megadeth star Dave Mustaine has fired off an angry missive to fans after a rude Japanese fan told him she’d posted a terrible live review of his band online. The heavy rocker cut short a meet-and-greet session in Japan earlier this week, October 29th, after a so-called fan upset him with news she’d written a damning review of the group’s performance the previous night and posted it in cyberspace.

In a message on Megadeth’s website, Mustaine threatens to pull all future fan sessions after the strange encounter. He fumes, “If there are ever going to be any more meet-and-greets, it will be traced back to this story. “I was just meeting the gracious and always-polite Japanese fans, and some girl made sure to tell me that she proudly posted a bad review of our show. “I was pretty surprised at how rude she was, and how mean it is to go up to someone and say, ‘I posted a bad review of your show last night,’ like I am supposed to thank her. “(It’s) too bad that she ruined it for the rest of the fans that were at the meet-and-greet. I can only wonder: What is it that she was trying to accomplish? It’s like, `Dave, I just clogged your toilet! Aren’t you proud of me?’ “At least they both have one thing in common…”

Now, we have to find this fan and give her the military beating for screwing it up for everybody!

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