Dave Mustaine needs an assistant?

Now there’s a job I’d be happy doing! Wanna get Dave’s coffee or do some clerical work for the band? Then get in gear to get signups to the band’s fan club!!

Here’s what you could win:

Aftershow Pass:

Allows you backstage after the show to meet the band and to a designated area for a limited amount of time.

VIP Pass:

Allows you backstage before and after the show to meet the band and allows escorted access to more areas.

Roadie For a Day with All Access Working Pass:

Allows you to work for Megadeth as a roadie for the entire day! You will be part of the Megadeth crew for that day and allowed backstage access and to where you are needed! Yes, you will meet the band!

All Access Sticky Backstage Pass:

Allows you access day and night. You will meet the band and be allowed full backstage access except dressing room and busses. If the band invites you to a dressing room, you will be escorted by one of the band or crew.

Dave Mustaine’s Personal Assistant for a day with All Access Working Pass:

Same access as above and more!! You will be personal assistant to Dave Mustaine for that day only and will help him out in anything he needs from you, be it coffee from Starbucks to printing off the set list for the show that night!!

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