David Archuleta Is Releasing Two Albums This Winter

david_archuleta_new_albumsFormer “American Idol” contestant David Archuleta still has a few tricks up his sleeve for fans. In a recent interview, the Idol star revealed how down to Earth he really is.

He said, “I was amazed at how many people came to my concerts. I knew people liked me on ‘American Idol’, but I didn’t think they’d care to come see me sing at my own show.”

Archuleta is set to perform at an event at the Rio Tinto Stadium on June 6, 2009. Archuleta also revealed that he’s got two new albums in the works, one, a Christmas album.

He added, “We’re still trying to decide what songs might be best. They’ll probably be my favorite Christmas songs, and we might need to come up with more different approaches. The pop album is different, (because) you need to try to find what suits you best. I definitely want to get more involved with the writing. But I feel like I have writer’s block 24/7, with little openings. We’ve all got our weaknesses, and that’s mine.”

Archuleta also reveals that he’s a guy who enjoys spending time with his fans, in addition to singing at live performances. He said, “It’s the boring things that mean a lot to me. I enjoy taking my sisters to eat. Or sitting watching TV with my family.”

We’re looking forward to both albums being released, tentatively Winter 2009.

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  • Violet

    I anxiously await David’s releases. BTW all, an Archuleta Fan Pack is being released on iTunes June 9 and it includes the Touch My Hand video and two unreleased fan favorites – Zero Gravity (which David co-wrote with Mike Krompass) and David’s cover of Vanessa Carlton’s 1000 Miles (a frequent encore at David’s performances).

  • jenah

    I can’t wait for the new albums! I’m not a Christian but I’ll buy his Christmas album just because I love his AMAZING voice.I’m really excited about the release of the Fan Pack, especially for Zero Gravity it’s a great song.

  • CarolO

    I cannot wait for both new CD releases!! I will definitely buy BOTH and maybe buy the Christmas CD’s for friends & family!! I will always be a devoted fan of David Archuleta. LOVE HIS VOICE / LOVE HIS TRUE-BLUE CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY!!

  • celeste

    Oh I cant wati either… I just love David´s vocie… and I really like a lot of his first album music…

  • Kara

    I am excited for ANY new music from David Archuleta! I love it all from the idol performances to the Build-A-Bear charity song to Save The Day on the Japanese CD. I seek out anything new that he puts out. I will be getting that new group of songs on the 9th – I’d just like to hear him on my radio station more often. He’s a gift to the pop music world and should be played!

  • dbs

    David Archuleta’s first album is awesome! I can’t wait for his second album and the Christmas album! Next week we will be able to purchase “Zero Gravity” and other songs live version and “Touch My Hand” video on iTunes, YAAAYYYY!!!!! I can’t wait for that either.

    David Archuleta is the best! as an artist and as a human being. I’m his fan for life!

  • blue

    i cannot wait for his next album and i’m sure the christmas album will be fantastic judging by all the christmas songs we heard on the jingle ball tour.

  • TDC

    Hard working guy ~ such a phenonemal start for him at such a young age ~ he only just reached 18 6 months ago.

    He’s got the fanbase behind him 150% ~ he can do anything ~ and we’ll be standing in line for hours.

    RAWK ON David James Archuleta !

    Anything sung by David ~ is just fantastic ~ they’ll have to create a whole new genre of music to encompass all he’s capable of doing.

  • Robin

    David Archuleta is the sweetest guy I know in the entertainment world! He always stays true to himself and respects others including his fans! His voice is magical and watching his live performances he transforms and goes to another place. You have to see it to understand! It is just amazing! The fan bundle with Zero Gravity will be fantastic and I believe he will be remaking that song later on hopefully as a new single!!! I can’t wait for the Christmas album and his new cd!!!!

  • Edward

    Let’s celebrate! I can’t wait for the albums. Should be released before Christmas in time for gifting.

  • davidarchuletavn

    Can’t wait to listen to David’s 2 new CDs.
    I love his angelic voice, contagious smile and beautiful eyes. More than that, I love his sweet personality.
    David, I love U more than I can say.
    Huong, from Vietnam

  • jane

    wow!!! i can’t wait for the release of the albums…i’m a big fan!

  • benzcool

    David is truly amazing…seeing him in person and listening to him sing live makes you smile and love music. I am a music lover and I can’t wait to hear his new songs again…I can’t wait to see him visit Philippines again…I am really happy that he shares his talent/gift that God has given him…he’s really contagious and love every minute listening to him speaks/talks coz you feel the integrity in every word he says. DAVID A, Philippines loves you – Please come back for a solo concert soon….Till I see you again and hope next time seeing, i will be able to have photo with you….MABUHAY KA DAVID! MABUHAY!

  • Travis

    I really can not wait for DAVID ARCHULETA’S new CD’S one is his pop music and a brand new christmas cd made by David Archuleta it will be very good cd’s to listen
    keep it up Archie you are the best singer in the hole Wide world and I hope he will be in Prince George BC for a concert at the CN centre

  • Travis

    I really can not wait for DAVID ARCHULETA’S new CD’S one is his pop music and a brand new christmas cd made by David Archuleta it will be very good cd’s to listen
    keep it up Archie you are the best singer in the hole Wide world and I hope he will be in Prince George BC canada for a concert at the CN centre