David Cook talks to Larry King about his brother and future after ‘Idol’ – Video

david_cook_larry_kingDavid Cook was a guest on last night’s “Larry King Live” and he talked about how his brother, Adam, passed away at the young age of 37-years-old and how he’s coping with the loss.

He says that he has amazing people surrounding him and that his brother kept his sense of humor to the very end. He said that Adam never let his medical problems define him or become a personality trait.

He also discusses how he and his parents are coping and how they shared lawyer jokes in the family, due to Adam’s profession. He says that Adam discovered his illness when he was 26-years-old and that he held on longer than expectations.

Check out the first part of the interview below:

And in the second part, David talks about his life after becoming famous and “American Idol”. He says that he is getting into the second leg of his tour. He also says that he was surprised Kris Allen won the eighth season of the show, just like everyone else, because everyone thought Adam was going to win. He adds that Adam Lambert’s coming out shouldn’t affect his success, but “only time will tell” and that they are both really good guys.

He seems like such a down-to-Earth guy, doesn’t he?

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