Dean McDermott Reveals Why He Cheated On Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott Reveals Why He Cheated On Tori Spelling

As you already know, Dean McDermott went behind his wife Tori Spelling’s back and cheated with a 28-year-old woman named Emily Goodhand. Now, Dean is opening up about why he cheated!

When asked why he cheated, Dean revealed on their reality show, “Because I didn’t think that I would get caught. I was drinking and using drugs. I was not dealing with things that happened to me in the past.”

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recall how Tori said that she couldn’t give Dean enough sex and Dean also called it less than perfect. Now, he is contradicting that statement saying, “It’s not like I was looking for sex or was horny or anything…She and I, our relationship and our sex life is solid.”

With regard to his issues with drugs and alcohol, he said, “I have a brain that wants to kill me – I have a brain that wants me dead. That’s how the alcoholic mind works and thinks. You have a couple cocktails, do a couple lines…Then cut to the sunrise, it just never works out that way.”

He added that he does “need to change” and said, “I am on the verge of losing everything that means anything to me in this world, my wife and my family.”

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