Def Leppard’s Sparkle Lounge songs

I don’t think I need to tell you my thoughts on the title of their upcoming album, “Songs from the sparkle lounge”.

Are they going to Leppardize the title or leave it named after there recording area on the road? I’ve been a fan of their music ever since the early days and I hope this album has some great music on it. I’m fickle and was hoping for a better album title, but whining won’t get me anywhere….

According to Vivian Campbell, here are some of the working song titles for the new album:

Only the good die young
Cruise control
Give it away
Bad actress

No one knows exactly how many of these song titles will make it to the album, but time will tell. I’m hoping that these songs rock. I know they will. Maybe this is just a reason for me to post more pictures of the hotness that is Joe Elliott.

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