Demi Lovato: ‘Promoters Gave Me Drugs’

Demi Lovato: 'Promoters Gave Me Drugs'

Former Disney starlet Demi Lovato believes that promoters used to give her drugs in order to get her to return to their clubs and restaurants. She was admitted into rehab in 2010 for three months, citing personal issues, but now says that people in Hollywood were basically falling over themselves to give her illegal drugs.

In a new interview, Demi said, “Promoters gave me drugs and alcohol in restaurants or clubs. They wanted me to come back so I would be seen there. They were basically kissing my ass. I thought they were my friends. I thought I was having fun. Being a celebrity can be dangerous. Nobody says ‘no’. That’s why so many end up overdosing and dying. It could definitely have happened to me.”

When asked by Fabulous magazine about the rumors that she used to use cocaine, she told the publication, “It’s something I don’t really want to talk about.”

She added, “What I can say is that I was depressed. I would come off stage in front of 18,000 people and suddenly be alone in a hotel room. I’d come crashing down and would try to find a way to recreate that feeling, to stay ‘up’.”

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