Demi Lovato Seen Dancing With Wilmer Valderrama Following Split Stories

Last week, it was said that Disney starlet Demi Lovato and former That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama had split up.

It was claimed that the two broke up this time around because of their age difference. After the rumors surfaced, Demi tweeted about loyalty and not needing a man.

Now, we’ve heard reports that she and Wilmer were out dancing together at Beacher’s Madhouse on January 18th. Perhaps the tweets that sparked those rumors were about something else entirely?

At the club, an eyewitness revealed that Wilmer “made sure to say hi to Demi, who was sitting with Kim Kardashian.” The snitch said, “He kissed both of them on the cheek, and Demi couldn’t stop smiling. He kept making her laugh.”

The eyewitness went on to say, “Around 2AM, Demi grabbed Wilmer and hugged him. She kept her arms around him as they chatted with a friend. They definitely didn’t seem to be over each other! They danced together to 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’, and she kept her arms around him the whole time. They were facing each other, mouthing the lyrics to one another, and looked to be having a great time.”

After Demi put her messages out there on Twitter, Wilmer also added his opinion into the fray. He tweeted, “I’m amused with how elaborate speculation of someone’s indirect statements are misinterpreted in today’s thirst for unnecessary rumors.”

So they are back together and seem happy! Good for them!

Photo Credit: CPA,

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