Demi Lovato Slams Disney Channel Over Eating Disorders Joke

Demi Lovato Slams Disney Channel Over Eating Disorders Joke

Demi Lovato was left fuming mad at her former employer, Disney, after learning that they had a joke about eating disorders in an episode of So Random and Shake It Up.

In 2010, Demi checked herself into treatment after quitting the Jonas Brothers’ tour. It was later revealed that she was dealing with an eating disorder, among other things.

She tweeted:

“I could just eat you up, well if I ate” – Disney Chanel’s Shake It Up…. What are we promoting here? #notfunnyATALL

I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress’ from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke about…..that very disease….. #nice…& they said something about that on So Random. it pisses me off when they joke about it.

And is it just me or are the actress’ getting THINNER AND THINNER…. I miss the days of RAVEN, and LIZZIE MCGUIRE…and society wonders why there are 7 yr old with eating disorders…yet disney is making jokes about it. Dear Disney Channel, EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT.

She quickly received a tweet from Disney’s PR team, with this message: “@ddlovato – we hear you & are pulling both episodes as quickly as possible & reevaluating them. It’s NEVER our intention to make light of eating disorders!”

Good for Demi for bringing light to something that plagues so many people. Good on Disney for responding so quickly. But you have to wonder who approved those shows in the first place?

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