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Demi Moore Cheated On Ashton Kutcher With A Woman?

Demi Moore Cheated On Ashton Kutcher With A Woman?

Now that the dust is settling around Ashton Kutcher’s skeezy affairs with Brittney Jones and Sara Leal, we’re learning that his former wife, Demi Moore, might not be so innocent! We’ve all heard the rumors that they’ve had an open relationship and that Demi was also into women, so this latest story from the National Enquirer shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

A “sexy female TV star” said, “Demi cheated with me!” Who could it be?!? The tabloid claims to have all of the saucy details surrounding Demi’s tryst with this female television star.

Also featured in this issue, Chaz Bono tells off his mother, Cher! Chaz stormed off after telling his mother, “You make me sick!”

In addition, they’ve got the scoop on John Edwards looking to marry his former mistress and baby’s mother, Rielle Hunter. This, I don’t doubt whatsoever. They’ve always had some sort of inside scoop on John, ever since finding out that he was having an affair with Rielle while he was married to Elizabeth.

Lastly, they’ve got a tidbit on Taylor Lautner being gay, Rihanna getting warned to go to rehab and Jim Carrey’s new girlfriend.

Do you believe the Demi Moore hype? Sound off in the comments!

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