Demi Moore Divorce now Written in Stone

Demi Moore Divorce now Written in Stone

That big day has finally come around for Demi and Ashton Kutcher. After 6 years of married life and 2 years of separation he is likely breathing a huge sigh of relief. The long-awaited divorce that makes him a bachelor is now official.

The Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher divorce drama has dragged on for months, and it was his former “missus” who was keeping her foot on the brakes the entire way. Many onlookers believe that this was Demi’s way of “sticking it” to her one-time “boy toy”. The longer she made him wait to get out of the marriage the more uncomfortable she could make both him and his new love.

It is unlikely that Demi really wanted to be back on the “singles” market. She did not handle the marital break-up well, and it even appeared that she tried to keep Ashton by her side after his infidelities were being trumpeted by the national tabloids and talk shows. Who wants to be known as the “older woman” that was tossed aside for a hot younger chick?

According to numerous reports Demi did indeed want to make Ashton suffer emotionally, but there is also the matter of finances that surely came into play. Demi has millions but you can bet that she was determined to try and force a pay-off from Kutcher’s private bank accounts. Her latest ex-husband reportedly made a fortune from acting roles and savvy investments while married to the actress.

Ultimately this poker tactic may have backfired. It appears that Demi is now going to have to content herself with a much smaller pay-off than she had hoped. Even in the settlement happy state of California the financial arrangements for Demi and Ashton are apparently more equitable than most. Now Demi can count her dollars and Ashton can pursue his romance with his former “70’s Show” co-star, Mila Kunis.

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