Demi Moore Is Keeping A Rehab Diary?

Demi Moore Is Keeping A Rehab Diary?

According to the latest issue of the National Enquirer, Demi Moore has been keeping an “explosive” and “shocking” rehab diary! In this little memoir the tabloid has likely concocted, she is writing down her tales of stays at treatment centers “in her own words”.

Underneath this insane claim, they also tout details on the “drugs, booze and the baby she lost”. Are they calling out Demi for being a drug addict? We don’t think that is necessarily true (at least we hope not). For the sake of us not getting sued, we will say that we don’t believe the rumors of Demi and any past history with drugs.

An inset photo of her daughter Tallulah Belle Willis goes along with another story that we’ve heard recently. Sources revealed that neither of Demi’s younger daughters want anything to do with he. So, it stands to reason that there might be a grain of truth to Tallulah’s quote that her mother made her “life hell”.

Not to be outdone by their cover last week, the Enquirer is now claiming that Mitt Romney’s wife is involved in some sort of cheating scandal. Is there something that political nitwit is hiding from America?!?? (Besides the fact that he doesn’t care about people who are suffering and in wheelchairs?)

Also featured in this issue is Whitney Houston and she’s gotten “worse than anyone thought”. Do you believe the hype? She was recently spotted with Ray J…. If you don’t remember who he is — he’s the guy we hold personally responsible for bringing Kim Kardashian’s gigantic golden shower loving butt to the forefront of reality television.

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