Demi Moore Taking Adderall & Energy Drinks?

Demi Moore was apparently tossing back a ton of energy drinks along with taking Adderall prior to being hospitalized. A source close to the actress revealed, “Demi has been taking Adderall and drinking energy drinks and starving herself and those are some of the serious causes that led her to collapse on Monday night.”

Demi was rushed to the hospital, after it was said that she was taking Whip Its and had suffered a seizure. The source went on to say, “The pills and starvation destroyed Demi and this has been a problem for about a year.”

It was even rumored that Demi’s partying was the cause of her estranged husband, Ashton Kutcher, leaving. We don’t actually believe that, we think she ditched him for his cheating, but that’s a whole other article.

The source revealed, “She’s constantly jacked up on Adderall and combining that with not eating accounts for her loopy behavior and anorexic body frame. She literally refuses to eat any food. She’s depressed over her career and coupled with the stress and heartbreak over the split, all of this emotional turmoil in totality has taken a serious physical toll on her body.”

Photo Credit: JGM / PCN Photos

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