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Derek Hough Infatuated With Katherine Jenkins

Derek Hough Infatuated With Katherine Jenkins

Dancing With The Stars hunk Derek Hough is reportedly infatuated with Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins. According to the latest gossip, Derek has fallen head over heels for Katherine.

Katherine just ended a long-time relationship with her former fiance Gethin Jones in December, so she’s not ready to jump back into anything just yet. A source revealed, “He loves how down-to-Earth she is. He said she was over at his condo last week and didn’t have a scrap of makeup on and drank a beer. She isn’t ready for dating after her split with Gethin Jones, though it hasn’t stopped him being completely besotted.”

She recently battled rumors suggesting that she was dating her professional dance partner Mark Ballas. She said, “It’s inevitable but it’s just complete nonsense. We have totally hit it off and we’re having a great time. But he came to London to start training me and within – I think within twelve hours – is all it took before there was that first photo and immediately we were of course dating, which it’s not true. He has a girlfriend and I’m not ready, I’m not ready for any of that yet. I’m just going to concentrate on the dancing.”

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