Derek Hough Talks Bristol Palin’s Return To ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Derek Hough Talks Bristol Palin's Return To 'Dancing With The Stars'

In case you hadn’t heard, “teen activist” Bristol Palin will be appearing on the fall season of “Dancing With The Stars”, the All-Stars season. Scary, right? Like it wasn’t bad enough that they considered a celebrity in the first place, but to bring her back when the judges fluffed up her performances even though they sucked? Ludicrous!

Still, “DWTS” pro Derek Hough has nothing but good things to say about Bristol’s return to the ballroom floor. He said, “Unfortunately with the Palin drama and the crazy entertainment it’s brought to the United States, I suppose it comes with the territory. But I think, good for her – good for her to put herself out there because it’s really easy to kind of hibernate and just to disappear.”

He added, “She’s saying, ‘I’m going to go out there and do my thing and if you don’t like it, then fine!'”

During a press panel at the Television Critics Association, Bristol said, “Critics are going to be talking about us either way. I might as well be doing something enjoyable and fun and with a good group of people, and that’s why I’m doing it.”

Meanwhile, the majority of folks who heard that she was going on the All-Stars show wished she would hibernate and disappear. Alas, we’re not that lucky.

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