Dexter Recap: Are We There Yet?

Dexter Recap: Are We There Yet?

On Sunday, a whole new episode of Dexter aired, titled Are We There Yet? When we last left our favorite serial killer, he was beginning to act as a mentor to Zach at the insistence of Dr. Vogel. Still, Dex is preoccupied with Hannah McKay.

Trouble kicks off this episode when a killer bludgeoned Dexter’s neighbor Cassie. Dexter suspects that it was Zack after finding his blood underneath Cassie’s fingernails.

Because Hannah has already killed her husband, Dexter tells her that she needs to leave the country. Zack is apparently on the run and using his own credit card. Deb asks Dexter if Hannah is in town and why she’s there. Dexter wants to get her out of the country because of what she knows, but Deb wants to lock her up.

Deb asks her boss to get on the Hannah McKay case to apprehend her and make a boat load of cash. She has already placed the GPS tracking device on Dexter’s SUV so that she’ll know where Hannah is.

Dexter tells Hannah about Dr. Vogel and how she came up with the code. They’re on their way to the Keys in order to deal with Zack for killing Cassie. Hannah asked him why he never tried to find her and solve the problem, but he told her that he likes knowing she’s out there.

Dexter breaks into Zack’s room to find that it’s made up to be a kill room — all covered in plastic and complete with kill tools. Dex fixes up the room with more plastic.

Quinn meets with Cassie’s boyfriend and Quinn shows him a photo of Zack for an ID. Meanwhile at the Department, Masuka’s daughter is clearing the place of all of the bad murder juju.

When Zack enters his room, Dexter confronts him with a knife to his throat. Zack denies killing Cassie and says that he was hunting Shawn Decker. He decided to go after a killer. He was following the code and didn’t even know it. Zack has Shawn in his trunk already beaten to death. Dex takes Zack to get rid of the body.

While they’re out, Deb confronts Hannah in the hotel room. Hannah tells Deb that she loves Dexter and that she doesn’t want to hurt him. Deb leaves and says that Hannah is his problem.

Dex takes Zack to Dr. Vogel and they all sit down to dinner together. Dexter tells Zack that his blood ended up underneath Cassie’s fingernails, but he doesn’t know why anyone would go through the trouble of framing him.

Deb tells her boss that she’s not sure that she’s cut out to be a private investigator. She wants to wake up feeling like what she does matters more than zeroes on a paycheck. She might want to return to Miami Metro.

Zack ended up dead as a result of the Brain Surgeon and Dex dumps his body in the ocean. Later, Dexter is telling Hannah her next steps, but they end up having sex. Deb’s boss is on the phone with someone talking about Hannah’s alias. Meanwhile, Dexter rushes to her flight to ask her to stay with him.

What did you think of this episode?

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