Dexter Recap: Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Dexter Recap: Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Dexter is winding down and after last night’s episode, there are only three episodes left! If you’ve missed last week’s episode titled Are We There Yet?, follow this link for the goods.

In case you weren’t aware, Hannah is back in Miami. This presents a problem because Deb alerted her boss to that fact and now he’s got a U.S. Marshall on the prowl for her. Dex covers for Hannah at Arlene’s when the Marshall comes knocking on her door. At the end of the episode, Hannah is left hiding out at Deb’s house. While that’s going down, she is considering taking her old detective job back.

Meanwhile, Dexter has figured out that the brain surgeon is Oliver Saxon, Cassie’s boyfriend. After further investigation, it’s revealed that Oliver is actually Dr. Vogel’s son Daniel. Is she involved in the series of murders? He was the reason that she got into the study of psychopaths in the first place. He sent her brain parts because she told him that he lacked empathy.

To try to get Oliver/Daniel on his table, Dexter tells Dr. Vogel to write in her journal that she would be headed toward a certain diner. Before their meeting, Dexter drugs Dr. Vogel and goes to deliver the M99 to Oliver and be done with it. Oliver is one step ahead and gets away, but not before slashing Dexter’s tire first.

Dexter then heads to Dr. Vogel’s house to warn her that she might be in danger. She tells Dexter that she has been warned. Daniel creeps out after Dexter leaves, making us wonder if they were working together this whole time.

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