Dexter Series Finale Recap: WTF Happened?

Dexter Series Finale Recap: WTF Happened?

Did the writers of Dexter just drop the ball when it came to the show’s series finale? It would appear so, after watching the last episode, titled Remember The Monsters. We, as fans, have invested eight seasons in this show, only to be left disappointed and confused.

At first, we learned that Deb was going to be okay. Dexter was called by Matthews to the hospital to be with her after Saxon tried to kill her. The doctor came in and said she was hopeful. Deb convinced Dexter to leave Miami, but he couldn’t go without killing Saxon. Dexter goes to the hospital, in anticipation of Saxon wanting to finish killing Deb. Miami Metro was on the scene to apprehend him. Dexter goes into his holding cell to do a GSR test and tells Saxon that he’s going to kill him with a pen. Saxon grabs the pen and stabs Dexter and Dex takes the pen and goes for the jugular.

Quinn and Batista accept Dexter’s explanation as to what happened and that’s that. Dex goes to the hospital, takes Deb off of life support and wheels her to where his boat is outside. He puts her on the boat, only to take her out to see and dump her body in the ocean. Then, he drives the boat right into the hurricane.

Later, we see Hannah and Harrison in Argentina and she reads something online about Dexter being dead. Afterward, we cut to some logging yard and apparently Dexter is there alone working as a lumberjack.

WTF?!? Did the writers fall asleep at the wheel on this one? They could’ve wrapped this up a lot better, don’t you think? What did you think of the series finale of the show?

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