Dick Van Dyke Escapes Car Fire

Dick Van Dyke Escapes Car Fire

Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke narrowly avoided death when he was dragged out of his car moments as it burst into flames on a freeway in L.A. on Monday.

A passerby by the name of Jason Pennington pulled the 87-year-old actor out of his Jaguar as it filled up with smoke after spotting him struggling on the side of the road.

His actions may have saved the Van Dyke’s life – his vehicle’s engine burst into flames seconds later. Reports suggest Van Dyke was “slightly disoriented”, but unharmed and he refused medical attention as he waited for his wife to pick him up and take him home. She tweeted video of her husband chatting to the paramedics in order to assure fans that he is okay.

His burned-out Jaguar has since been removed from the freeway near Calabasas, California. We are glad that he is just fine and we’re hoping that there are no complications as a result of this unfortunate incident.

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