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Did Lindsay Lohan Get Her Lips Done Again? (Photo)

The same night that Lindsay Lohan appeared in court for her progress hearing, she was out partying hanging out.

On Wednesday, the rehabbed actress went in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner, who advised her that she is in the home stretch of her probation. She received a rave review and was told that she only has a few more requirements to fulfill along with one final court appearance before being freed from probation. This was all stemming from her 2007 DUI bust.

That night, she was seen attending the Domingo Zapata art show at Mr. C’s Hotel in Beverly Hills. She kind of looks ridiculous, doesn’t she? Earlier this month, she attended an amFAR event, where she was seen looking pretty haggard. Is it the wig? Is it the lack of contrasting colors between her wig/hair and that dress? Or is it something else?

During Wednesday night’s adventure, she looked like a completely different person. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. It’s the duck lips, right? How about that eye makeup? She sort of looks like she would be related to Sophie Monk — like Sophie’s older sister, perhaps?

What do you think of the look that Lindsay was trying to go for here? Fire her stylist? Or is this the best she’s looked in a while? Thoughts?

Photo Credit: Tony Orlando, PacificCoastNews.com

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