Did Lindsay Lohan Lie About Crashed Porsche’s Brakes Failing?

Did Lindsay Lohan Lie About Crashed Porsche's Brakes Failing?

In June, Lindsay Lohan crashed her $80,000 Porsche into the back of a truck. It was a horrific looking accident which totaled the expensive car. She quickly blamed the driver of the truck and then lied to cops, telling them that she wasn’t driving the car. Her assistant told the officers that Lindsay was, in fact, driving and had injuries consistent with being the driver. Later, she claimed that she slammed on the brakes in order to avoid the accident, but as it turns out — that’s not true, either. Color us shocked.

Porsche heard what Lindsay said about the brakes failing and decided to do some tests on her car. The rental company allowed the tests, only to have the car company find that the brakes on the car were just fine. In fact, the brakes showed no evidence of malfunction whatsoever.

We can’t believe that such a fine, young, upstanding citizen like Lindsay would lie about something like this. She should just feel lucky that she hasn’t yet taken anyone out, including herself.

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