Diddy doesn’t condone having kids out of wedlock, after having five

Rapper (ugh) Diddy said that he is done having children out of wedlock, specifically because he doesn’t “condone” it. After five children, the mogul said that he is going to be married before fathering any more children. He is the biological father to five children, but claims Kim Porter’s son from a previous relationship.

He said, “I have six kids from three relationships. They don’t live together. Opportunity wasn’t really knocking at my door for marriage. I don’t condone having children out of wedlock but they were my circumstances and I’m a proud father and I take care of them. I’m involved in their lives and I take care of the mothers of my children and when the day comes I’ll get married. I’m not gonna have any more kids until I get married.”

He doesn’t condone having children out of wedlock, but he’s already had five kids that way. Seems a little hypocritical, don’t you think?

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