Dina Lohan To Do ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Dina Lohan To Do 'Dancing With The Stars'?

Because no one ever said that you’d actually have to be a “star” to compete on a show like Dancing With The Stars, reports are swirling around that Dina Lohan wants to be a contestant! Oh yay.. They should really rename the show to Dancing With The Has-Beens…or perhaps the Never Was-es…?

I guess it would be feasible to think that ABC would take Dina, they’ve taken Bristol Palin, whose name we know only because her mom was the former governor of Alaska…and the fact that this “teen activist” got knocked up at such a young age and turned out to be a pro-abstinence advocate. Ugh. But…I digress.

Since Lindsay has been pretty much out of a well paying movie job since her recent lockup, maybe Dina just needs to earn some money?

Page Six reports:

Dina Lohan says she’s in talks to appear on “Dancing With the Stars.” On Sunday, Lindsay Lohan’s mom was overheard talking about her plans to appear on the ABC show as she celebrated her daughter’s birthday at a private house in Water Mill dubbed the Ciroc Cabana Club. Lindsay had been expected to join, but she stayed in LA to remain low-key after completing her house arrest.

I hope that this is merely a story planted there by the Lohans and that there’s no truth to it. What do you think?

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