DJ Zebra’s Bootstock, a 40th anniversary tribute

I’ve been a fan of the French artist DJ Zebra for some time now, and was pleasantly surprised to get news that he’s been working on an exhaustive mashup compilation — the central theme being Woodstock festival (with a lot of original audio). What makes the whole thing so special is the refreshingly contemporary appeal of the whole project. From an intro by Country Joe Mc Donald that morphs into a chanting beat with Big Soul, Pink and Michael Jackson running through it (F*&k the Hippies) to a culmination with Jimi Hendrix jamming out on the guitar as the Beastie Boys in what is the obvious outlier to the whole set.

Download entire CD, get track list info and listen, all after the jump.

Bootstock Cover Art

DJ Zebra’s Bootstock – 16 tracks (zip file download, 85MB)

  1. DJ Zebra – Fuck The Hippies (Country Joe Mc Donald / Big Soul)
  2. DJ Zebra – Solaar In The Country (Canned Heat / MC Solaar)
  3. DJ Zebra – Freedom For The Hobo (Richie Havens / Charlie Winston / Yahoo)
  4. DJ Zebra – Rock Show & Soul Freak (Country Joe & The Fish / Missy Elliot / Peaches)
  5. DJ Zebra – Freaks Into Los Angeles (Arlo Guthrie / Rick James)
  6. DJ Zebra – Wooden Ships On The Moon (Crosby, Stills & Nash / The Police)
  7. DJ Zebra – See Me, Feel Me (Remix) (The Who / Zebra / Funkadelic)
  8. Electrosound – Who’s Zooming The Who (The Who / Aretha Franklin)
  9. DJ Zebra – With A Little Help From Soulwax (Joe Cocker / Queen / Soulwax)
  10. DJ Zebra – Daft Rain Chant (Crowd Sounds / Daft Punk)
  11. Mighty Mike – Soul Control (Santana / Gossip / Free)
  12. DJ Zebra – I’m Kissing At Home (Ten Years After / Jack Peñate)
  13. ToToM – Street Sweeper Social Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane / Street Sweeper Social Club)
  14. DJ Zebra – Fucking Higher (Sly & The Family Stone / Fatboy Slim / Mekon)
  15. DJ Zebra – Voodoo Shot / Star Spangled Banner (Jimi Hendrix / Beastie Boys)
  16. DJ Zebra – Stereohendrix (Jimi Hendrix / Stereophonics)

Preview it on Ear Sucker: DJ Zebra – Voodoo Shot / Star Spangled Banner
(Jimi Hendrex / Beastie Boys)

If you’re in the San Francisco area August 22nd, you can catch DJ Zebra and a whole bunch of other talent bootleg/mashup DJs at BootieSF where they take over the DNA Lounge and must surely blow up speakers and wreck turntables.

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