Does it pay to win American Idol?

If your name is Taylor Hicks, then probably not. Even though the crooner won the talent competition in 2006, he is now crooning away as a lead character in Grease on Broadway. Not that it wasn’t a dream of his to perform on Broadway, because that is totally respectable.

Obviously I wasn’t a card carrying member of the Soul Patrol, but the guy has a voice and some degree of talent. That is what winning American Idol means anyway, right?

On March 10, 2009, Taylor released his second album, The Distance, to dismal record sales. Therefore, he was soon dropped from his record label, J Records.

Even more recently, Kris Allen won 2009’s American Idol, yet hasn’t seen the success as runner-up, Adam Lambert. Sure, he raked in $650,000 in 19 Entertainment contracts, as well as deals to work with Disney, but what winning the competition done for his career as a singer? He obviously doesn’t have the same draw as Adam and even after he won, who was asked to out himself on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

But don’t think that any of the people who appear on the show don’t make their share of the payola.

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