Downton Abbey Recap: Season 4 Episode 4

Downton Abbey Recap: Season 4 Episode 4

This season of ITV’s hit show Downton Abbey is proving to be one that’s not to be missed! In case you haven’t been keeping up with the show, we have a brief recap of the season highlights below. If you’ve been waiting until the show airs in the States to find out what happens at Downton, then stop reading now!

Season 4 – Episode 1:

O’Brien has left Downton to serve Lady Flintshire and Lady Cora hires former maid Edna in a hurry to replace her. Tom is warned by Carson and Mrs. Hughes to keep away from her. Mr. Moseley lost his valet job when Matthew passed and the Dowager Countess tried to help him serve lunch to a friend in need of a butler. Her own butler fears his replacement and sabotages his attempts. Tom has enlisted the help of Carson in getting Mary out of her funk. Mary finally relents and helps out with the estate’s affairs and the changes that Matthew wanted.

Episode 2:

It is revealed that Matthew left a letter to Mary appointing her as his sole heir. The Earl wants to run things on his own and isn’t happy about Matthew’s wishes. Bates finds out about Moseley’s situation and makes up a story about owing him money that he actually received from the Dowager Countess.

Lady Rose goes with Anna to a dance that turns out to be for servants only. She dances with a gardener, but a fight breaks out when another guy tries to cut in. They leave in a hurry, only to find that the gardener finds her at Downton. She dresses up as a servant and tells him of her interest in another man. The Earl receives word that Matthew’s letter is just as good as a Will and now he has to work with Mary.

Episode 3:

They have a house part with Dame Nellie Melba singing, but Carson doesn’t find it appropriate for the Australian singer to join the family at dinner. Cora is upset by that and insists that she join them. The Earl is pleased that she knows her wines and says the night will be easier than he thought. Lord Gillingham flirts with Mary and his valet gets fresh with Anna. While Dame Nellie is singing, the Lord’s valet, Mr. Green, violently rapes Anna. Later, Lord Sampson is cleaning up at poker, but Edith’s new sweetheart, Mr. Gregson wins back all of the gentlemen’s money and returns it to them, much to the delight of the Earl. Tom feels out of place with his rich peers and Edna consoles him with sex. Mrs. Hughes finds Anna after the rape and insists that she tell no one about it. Her reasoning is that if Mr. Bates finds out, he’ll kill Mr. Green and be hanged for it.

Episode 4 Recap:

Tom regrets his romp with Edna, who says she might be pregnant, and enlists the help of Mrs. Hughes to deal with the situation. Edna tried to put the squeeze on Tom to marry her if she is with child, but he wanted to forget it ever happened. Mrs. Hughes learned that Edna used contraception in their tryst and threatens to expose her and not give her a reference for a future job. Lady Rose, Tom and Mary all go to London and stay with Lady Rosamund. Little did Mary know, but she also invited Lord Gillingham to be a joiner.

They all venture off to a jazz club, where Lady Rose ends up dancing with the black bandleader after her date gets drunk and behaves ungentlemanly. Anna avoids Mr. Bates because she feels that she is unworthy of him now that she’s been soiled by Mr. Green. She decides to move back into the main house and uses taking care of both Mary and Cora as her excuse.

Before Mr. Gregson departs for Germany to cement his citizenship so he can marry Edith, they share a night together. She tries to sneak in at 6AM, but Lady Rosamund’s maid rats her out. Lady Rosamund warns Edith not to soil her reputation.

Later, Lord Gillingham tells Mary that he loves her and asks her to marry him. She declines his proposal because she isn’t over Matthew.

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