Downton Abbey Recap: Season 4 Episode 6

Downton Abbey Recap: Season 4 Episode 6

Last week’s episode of Downton Abbey did indeed answer some questions, but this week’s episode left us with even more. If you’ve missed last week’s episode of the hit ITV show, you can read our fully detailed recap here.

It’s his Lordship’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a Jazz band. It’s not just any jazz band, though. It is fronted by Jack Ross — the same man who saved Lady Rose from embarrassment at the nightclub recently when her date was so drunk that he couldn’t stand up straight. Rose hired the band as a birthday surprise, but she really wanted Jack there because she fancies him.

Evelyn Napier is still infatuated with Mary, but she seems fixated on picking with his boss Charles Blake. He isn’t at Downton for the purposes of which she previously thought and Mary dubs him a “traitor”.

The Dowager Countess fires Pegg after a couple of items come up missing. Taking up his cause, Isobel finds one of the missing items in a chair and returns to Violet’s place to set her straight about firing Pegg. Little did Isobel know, but the Dowager Countess had already summoned Pegg, apologized and re-hired him. Game, set and match indeed!

Edith is pregnant! Where’s her soon-to-be suitor, Mr. Gregson? Why, he’s still in Berlin, if he’s still alive at all. What a pickle Edith finds herself in, being unwed and in her first trimester. Will she be forced to marry someone else in order to avoid the scandal that will likely come as a result of being pregnant? Surely, Mr. Gregson has to be a German citizen for some time before he can divorce his insane wife… And where is Aunt Rosamund to tell Edith her “I told you so!”?

Anna and Bates are trying to recover from the rape, but they show that it’s not easy. Bates feels that he should have protected his wife and she feels that she is not a victim. Hopefully they can get past this. Brilliant storyline for her Ladyship to rescue Anna and Mr. Bates at the snobby restaurant and even give them a lift home. Loved it!

Alfred gets that cooking spot at the Ritz and is off to London. This leaves open his footman position for Moseley to fill. Mr. Carson doesn’t want him to feel that Moseley is taking something beneath him and tries to send him on his way. Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes find a use for him serving tea to the servants and Mr. Carson finally caves in.

Other tidbits:

Baxter keeps telling secrets to Barrow. Why does she feel inclined to do so?
Rose kisses Jack Ross while Mary pretends not to watch. Will Mary rat her out to the family?
Is Tom going to take baby Sybbie with him to the States to make a new life for them?

What did you think of Sunday’s episode of the show?

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