Dr. Conrad Murray Refuses To Testify In Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Dr. Conrad Murray Refuses To Testify In Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Michael Jackson’s former doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray is kind of a douche. Not only did he kill the King of Pop, but he won’t be testifying in Katherine Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live.

He refused to testify at his own trial in 2011 and has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. As a result, he was sentenced to four years in the slammer. Now that Katherine Jackson is going after AEG, Conrad refuses to testify and doesn’t want to incriminate himself. This douchebag probably doesn’t believe that he’s done anything wrong… And he wonders why he gets no sympathy when he constantly whines about prison conditions and his health concerns.

In a sworn statement addressed to the Jacksons and Katherine’s lawyer, he refused any assistance. Katherine’s lawyer said “He would not answer any questions at the deposition or the trial.”

Katherine is suing AEG for $40 billion, the amount she claims her son would have made if they weren’t negligent in hiring and supervising Dr. Murray. The trial will begin on April 2, 2013. Stay tuned…

Dr. Conrad Murray Refuses To Testify In Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit was last modified: March 23rd, 2013 by Jed Eckert
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  • bill

    Mj killed himself he wanted the drug and the Dr. gave them to him. Its like saying a crack dealer killed the crackhead except in this case it was a expensive dealer and a expensive drug that was sold to an addict.

  • Nick

    Yeah, Bill. That’s almost the same thing…except completely different. Regardless of whether MJ asked for help getting to sleep or not, the doctor was the one administering the drug and then leaving his patient unattended while on the drug. A more accurate comparison would be you saying to your doctor “Wow, I wish I could just get some sleep” and him killing you and saying “well, you asked for it”.

  • HB

    It takes two to tango. MJ was already hooked on the anesthesia and was going to find a doctor to administer it, even though it cannot be safely monitored, regardless of how much attention the doctor pays or does not pay, in a home environment. I think the doctor was properly convicted and deserves his sentence, but MJ bears equal responsibility. I have a lot of sympathy for MJ, particularly after seeing the documentary “Life of an Icon” (which shines a well-needed spotlight on the pernicious and extortive child abuse allegations that dogged him and probably ultimately led to his addiction issues), but if you’re going to call Dr. Murray a ‘douche,’ you’re going to have to use similar language to describe MJ. This was not a case of an evil doctor and an innocent patient, but two conspirators each getting what they needed out of the other. I feel sorry for everyone involved (except AEG!).

  • Jen

    I agree with Nick. Poor Michael was treated horrifically badly by Conrad who ignored his oath and let his greed for money compromise his morals. Disgusting.

  • Ulli

    hej, sorry, but you know nothing.
    if you don’t know, what really happened, if you never yourselve begged for medicine, which can make you fall asleep than please shut your mouth.
    to write a critical article about somebody who is supposed to kill michael jackson is different from this kind of smeer campaign you are making of.

    the real killers are the parents, this disgusting, totally ungifted fat pig who f..cked his own son: a sensitive, really talented boy with broken heart

    so p.ss off, please!