Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial VERDICT: GUILTY!

Dr. Conrad Murray VERDICT:

It’s been six weeks of the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. Both sides have presented their cases, expert witnesses and facts.

The Prosecution called doctors, a Propofol expert and a sleep study expert to reveal that Dr. Murray was egregiously violating the standard of care in his treatment of Michael.

Even the Defense couldn’t really argue against that fact. Dr. Murray should have called 911 within two minutes of finding Michael not breathing. He should have had proper monitoring equipment and he shouldn’t have been using Propofol in Michael’s bedroom.

Upon cross-examination, the Defense’s expert witness even conceded that they wouldn’t have administered Propofol without being in a hospital setting without proper monitoring equipment and back up doctors, in case something bad happened.

In the end, the jury deliberated for eight hours and 14 minutes and a verdict has been reached as of 11:01 AM PST today.

Michael’s sister LaToya, tweeted, “Verdict is FINALLY IN!!! I’m on my way! I’m shaking uncontrollably!” right after it was announced that a verdict had been reached.

We’re going LIVE to the courtroom to let you know what’s going down as it happens — so stay tuned!

Dr. Murray arrived a few minutes late to the courthouse. He’s looking nervous. The foreman has just provided the jury forms to the judge.

He’s been found GUILTY of involuntary manslaughter!

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