Dr. Dre says “Detox” to be his final album

And I can’t wait. Dr. Dre helped form the rap scene as it is today and is the main reason that I still listen to it. He helped Eminem blow up, then 50 Cent. Now, it’s Dre’s turn, for one last time. Built up to be the iconic rap album that everyone is going to own (or want to), “Detox” will be Dr. Dre’s last contribution to the rap game:

“I think it’s time to move on,” he tells the Los Angeles Times, calling rhyming “a young man’s game.” According to Interscope, there is no firm date for the album.

Dr. Dre also plans to possibly direct and score new films for New Line Cinemas:

Dre recently inked a multi-year production pact with New Line Cinema, under which he will join longtime collaborator, director Phillip G. Atwelll, to score and possibly direct films.

Dre’s branching out, yo.

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