Dr. Pepper Makes Good on Free Dr. Pepper Promise!

On November 23rd, Axl Rose finally let Chinese Democracy fall through his death grip. Previously, Dr. Pepper promised to give a free Dr. Pepper out to everyone in the U.S. if Axl came through on his promise to release the album in 2008. They probably didn’t really believe that he’d release the album in 2008, and to tell you the truth, neither did I.

Despite all of the reported problems and the Dr. Pepper site being pretty much hosed all day on the 23rd, I still got my information in after a lengthy amount of time on the site. And lo and behold, look what came in the mail today. My free Dr. Pepper coupon.

With an expiration date of February 28, 2009, the coupon is good for a free Dr. Pepper (up to $1.59 value).

Thanks Dr. Pepper! This coupon got here quick! Which leads me to believe that the people behind this promotion should’ve put out Chinese Democracy. Then maybe we would’ve gotten it quicker.

Image Credit: Roberta Ferguson

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