Dr. Phil supports Britney Spears, but stays away from the mess she’s in now

Dr. Phil & Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ mother Lynne has staged her intervention, which has Britney in the UCLA Medical Center for another 5150 hold. Lynne Spears has barred Britney’s manager, Sam Lutfi, from seeing the poptard while she’s on lockdown again.

Dr. Phil
has already betrayed the trust of the Spears family, by making her first breakdown on January 3rd a public spectacle. Now, he’s back in our faces, just to tell us that he doesn’t know anymore than we do….AND — get this: he’s staying out of it.

Hey, if you’re going to stay out of the whole mess, then stop commenting on it, you douchebag. Jesus, stop being an opportunist and keep your mouth shut already.

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