Drake Denied Club Entrance Due To Chris Brown

Drake Denied Club Entrance Due To Chris Brown

After spending the night of the Grammy Awards together, Chris Brown and Rihanna have apparently split up. Despite that, it didn’t stop the former couple from going to the same nightclub a few days later and partying it up — separately. Even worse, Drake tried to get into the club where Chris was, but was denied entry! TattleTailzz has the scoop:

Apparently Chris Brown and Rihanna are off again, the two were spotted at ”Playhouse” night club Wednesday night in Los Angeles, ironically the two were celebrating at separate tables! This is just a few days after attending the Grammy Awards together on Sunday February 10th. I guess this explains why Rih Rih was spending Valentine’s day with “Mary Jane.” Sources did add they left together. The real drama came when Drake was denied access inside of Playhouse nightclub.

A party-goer also stated that on the same night Drake and his crew was trying to get their party on and got “STRAIGHT” denied from entering into Playhouse nightclub. Sources say he was basically begging to get in, offering to spend more than Chris Brown. Drake and his crew made several attempts for about 30 minutes before finally leaving the night club. WOMP, WOMP, WOMP.. Drake you’ve become a liability to some night clubs especially when your arch enemy is in the building. They don’t want to take any chances on being sued or bringing bad press….

We’re thinking that we would’ve liked this story better if Chris was the one being denied. What do you think?

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