Drew Barrymore Talks Makeup And Happiness

Drew Barrymore Talks Makeup And Happiness

Drew Barrymore is a new mother and an entrepreneur. In a new interview, she talks about makeup and happiness and what they have in common. She has launched her own Flower Beauty line of 181 different makeup products and speaks out about all of the elements of the line.

Firstly, she said, “I’ve worked with the makeup world my whole life. I’ve saved every piece of makeup along the way and fell in love with the creativity of the whole process. I wanted to give women department store quality at a mass retailer price. Women deserve that!”

Of her own line, she said, “Sure, I’ve been a nutcase over the years experimenting with my style, but I didn’t want to launch out the gate with crazy colors. I wanted the brand to be one that women can rely on first; but life is too short not to be bold, so those colors will come.”

With regard to being private, she said, “Before this endeavor, I was incredibly private. The last thing I wanted was to have transparency with people. But on a business level, the time is now. It’s where everything is going, so let’s get it on!”

Lastly, she offered up some good advice, adding, “Happiness is the best makeup any woman can wear. It’s all about the inside….that’s where the poison or the sunshine lays.”

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