Drew Carey Offers Up $10K For Ice Bucket Challenge Bullies

Drew Carey Offers Up $10K For Ice Bucket Challenge Bullies

Cleveland native and TV veteran Drew Carey is offering up $10,000 for some bullies using the Ice Bucket Challenge in order to humiliate a kid with special needs. Ugh.

Comedian Drew Carey is offering to help police find those involved in dumping a bucket of urine and feces on a special-needs teen in Ohio who was reportedly told the prank was part of the “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

The Cleveland native posted on his Twitter account Saturday that he’s willing to donate $10,000 if police in suburban Bay Village want to start a reward fund.

The 14-year-old boy’s mother found a cellphone video of teenagers dumping the bucket on her autistic son.

Bay Village High School organized a vigil for the teen before a football game on Friday and school officials have condemned the prank.

These kids should really be ashamed of themselves and should step forward and face the consequences for their actions. How disgusting!


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