‘Drop Dead Diva’ Canceled By Lifetime!

'Drop Dead Diva' Canceled By Lifetime!

It is with great sadness that we report that Lifetime has dropped one of our favorite shows at the Earsucker headquarters. The network has decided that four seasons was enough for “Drop Dead Diva”. WTF, Lifetime?!?

If you are unfamiliar with the show, we can tell you that it is definitely a must-see. The show centers around a model named Deb who was killed in a car accident. When she gets to Heaven, she hits the return button and is sent back to another body, that of a plus-sized lawyer named Jane. So basically she has to live as Jane, but with Deb’s memories. The kicker is that she is also working alongside her previous-life fiance, Grayson. The show is chock full of laughs and it is awful that they aren’t opting to renew it for a fifth season.

Deadline reports that the series’ producer Sony Pictures might find another home for the show. That would be good news considering that they ended the fourth season on a cliffhanger. Do you want to see the show on another network? Fans of the show, including us, will be very disappointed if we do not get some closure on what happens with Jane and company. You’re on notice, Lifetime!

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