DWTS: Bruno Tonioli’s Rude Comments To Karina Smirnoff (Video)

DWTS: Bruno Tonioli's Rude Comments To Karina Smirnoff (Video)

If you were watching Dancing With The Stars last night, then you couldn’t help but notice Karina Smirnoff and Ralph Macchio’s Salsa. She wore a catsuit for the performance and he was said to be sporting some butt pads. They scored 23 total points for the dance, out of 30. Still, the dance wasn’t THAT bad!

Last night, we reported during the show that Bruno made a rude comment to Karina, that happened to be censored during the show. Now, we know exactly what he said to her! Check out all of the saucy details after the jump!

He told her, “You were too rough with your pussy, darling.” The audience, along with Karina, were all very shocked that he used such vulgar language on the show. Can we expect an apology from Bruno on tonight’s show???

Check out the video:

After the show, she said, “We’ve never expected the judges to be on our side. They haven’t been on our side for most of the season, but it was just inappropriate and rude and uncalled for.”

Ralph said, “That was just an unprofessional thing to do. I thought the performances were great. We had a couple of days and I nursed my injury at the start of the week. We made a choice. I’ve seen this show do it a thousand times. We were shaking it and having fun and letting it out there and we went a little bigger than life because I’ve seen bigger than life work so well. We always choose elegance, reserve, classy. This was a chance to just break out and be funny. They bought it with lots of others but they didn’t buy it with us for whatever the reason.”

Were you shocked at Bruno’s comment???

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