Earsucker reviews OneRepublic’s ‘Waking Up’

Earsucker reviews OneRepublic's 'Waking Up'We have been privileged to get a review copy of OneRepublic’s “Waking Up” prior to its release date of November 17th.

The CD starts off slow, mellow, and groovy, making it a fairly easy listen. “Made For You” starts off the album with it’s melodic coolness and slow pop sounds.

Song two, “All The Right Moves” makes me think back to the eighties for some reason. It’s a great tune, and it’s just harmony in all of the right places. This has to be my favorite song from the album, thus far.

Song three, “Secrets”, starts off slowly, but builds up to a sweet ballad of beauty. Followed by “Everybody Loves Me”, which was released digitally on October 20th. This is a good pop/folk-sounding song. It’s got a groove that makes you want to move around.

“Missing Persons 1 & 2” is a slow song, and reminds me of heartbreak and loss. It’s the perfect breakup song and should definitely be their next single. I could drift to sleep with this entire album on, it’s so lulling and melodic.

The band just released the next song, “Good Life”, digitally, yesterday and it’s easy to see why. It’s a positive, upbeat song, which gives us hope. Ryan’s vocals just lead this one in every way.

The next song, “All This Time” is a slow moving ballad that lingers with some electric piano in a way that’s smooth and longing. The vocals in this song just melt right in with the melodies within.

“Fear”, the album’s eighth song, is a happier track, yet slower and amusingly gray. It reminds me of a song that plays in the Fall when the leaves are falling from the trees…or it should be on the closing credits to “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The title track, “Waking Up” is a heavier track from the rest of the album. It really sets itself apart as the most upbeat song from the entire album and is reminiscent of something U2 would sing. Kudos.

“Marchin’ On” has to be my least favorite of the songs. It’s okay, but it’s not grabbing me like “All The Right Moves” or “Fear”. This would be the song that I’d click through if I were listening to this in my car.

The final song, “Lullaby” is just that…something that you could put on as you lay down to sleep as you gently nod off into the night.

Overall, it’s a great album!

Editor’s Note: Earsucker.com was not paid for this review.

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