Earsucker’s musical memories guitar & more contest!!!

[Photo Credit: Fretlight]

Wanna win a cool new guitar????

Fretlight, the cool people that make guitars that have lights on the frets for learning how to play, has graciously sent us a cool, black guitar for our wonderful giveaway, so special thanks to them, they rock!!

The above model is what I received in the mail and it will arrive in the same pristine shape that you see in the picture. It’s cool, it’s black, it rocks, and the best thing is, you can win one free.

(Editor’s Note: The guitar that is being given away is not a lefty as you see here, it was the only really good picture I could find. Thanks Scott!)

All you have to do is leave a comment with your best musical memory. For extra entries, you can stumble this post (and comment to let me know you did) and link to it. So, all in all, you have three chances to win!!

ALSO (yes, there’s more!), second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh place will not go home empty handed, either!

The wonderful people at iMainGo have sent us some iPod/Zune/iPhone portable speakers that will rock your socks off! Here’s a pic with the specs:


Check them out here.

Third, fourth, and fifth place prizes will be these cool Turbo Tooth Tunes toothbrushes!

I have three of those for the giveaway. These rockin’ toothbrushes actually play two full minutes of a cool song to ensure that your little one brushes for the proper amount of time.

I have High School Musical 2, Hannah Montana, and Kiss!! The HSM one plays, “What Time Is It”, Hannah Montana’s is “We Got The Party” and the Kiss one plays, “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite”.

Here’s a pic of what they look like:
Turbo Tooth Tunes
[Photo courtesy of Hasbro]

Sixth place will receive a CD by Laura Bryna, she’s a country artist who, my mother says, sounds like LeeAnn Womack (not sure who that is…lol). Stay tuned for the official review by my mother. She’s an avid fan of country music and says this CD is way cool.

Laura Bryna CD
[Photo courtesy of Equity Music Group]

And, last but not least, two final winners will receive a copy of Kimberly Cole’s new CD single, “Nitty Gritty”. She reminds me of Gwen Stefani a bit and she’s up-and-coming. Check her out, she may just be the next pop queen! (Stay tuned for the review on this one, too.)

So what are you waiting for, leave me a memory and get the ball started!!!

This giveaway is going to run for an entire month and ends on June 18th. At that time, I will randomly select all of the winners through a randomizer, and email you for your address.

If you’re one of the lucky winners, you can come back on the site and do a guest post, reviewing the gift that you received from Earsucker.

Remember, you have three chances to win! A musical memory comment, a stumble, or a link to this post.

(Incidentally, the guitar is not for a lefty, as the picture would suggest.)

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  • http://everyjoe.com/ Scott

    ok, I’ve got two. The first was when I was 14 or 15, can’t wuite remember. I was washing dishes at a small diner in upstate NY. I hear one of the waitresses say in a low tone. “Uh-Oh, here comes Motley Crue” becasue two long haired fellows walked in. The other waitress says “actually that looks like Robert Plant, from Led Zepplin. Low and behold it was. He was on tour somewhere upstate, either albany, Spac or syracuse and they were just taking a ride through the country and wanted to go sit down by the lake the diner sat near. Long story short. I got his autograph…but really had no clue who he was. However it did spark my curiousity and I became a huge Zep fan and then that grew into a love for metal.

  • http://blogthatoutside.com Donovan

    When I was 16, a friend invited me to see Rush and Blue Oyster Cult in concert. I had never been to a concert before and was completely blown away seeing these two great bands live. Music has always had a special place inside me from that day forward.

  • Sean

    When I was 15 I bought my first Iron Maiden album “The Number of the Beast” because I had money to blow and I liked the cover art. Latter that day when I was listing to it the song Hallowed Be Thy Name came on and I fell in love. From then on Iron Maiden was my favorite band and that album opened me up to the world of metal music.

  • David Pankhurst

    David Bowie live in the 80’s – ‘Modern Love’ exactly like in his music video, but from right in front of a packed standing room audience, loud – and live!

  • Linda Moeller

    I went to a Peter, Paul & Mary concert at Music Hall and they turned off all the amps & mics and did several songs without the electronics. It was cool.

  • Victoria Ross

    Sitting in the orchestra with my father, who played the violin, during rehearsel at the Hollywood Bowl for the Carpenters.

  • Margaret Smith

    When I was 17, my brother brought me to New York to see Meatloaf in concert as a birthday gift. What a awesome time we had and what sweet memories I have of that day. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  • Donna

    My favorite musical memory was in going to see Black Sabbath and Pantera in concert. Black Sabbath reunited for this tour and it was awesome! Ozzy was great and so much fun! We had so much fun I wished the night never would have ended!

  • Andrew Gordon

    Mine is meeting Mike Watt before his show in support of “Ball Hog or Tug-Boat”. He had hurt his back and was doing a meet and grett with fans. He was lying on the floor, but still insisted on meeting everyone and having us lie down and chat even though he was pbviously hurting. A legend and yet very down to earth.

  • Dan Smith

    I remember going to a KISS concert with some friends. It was my first concert and it was so loud my ears were ringing for days. I did enjoy it and had KISS songs running through my head for a while.

  • Susan

    I went to Bay City Rollers concert when I was a teenager. The audience was mostly girls and I could barely hear the music through all that screaming.

  • RHicks

    My fondest memory was going to see a sold out concert by Elton John. I have never seen such great enthusiasm in a crowd. Super, Super concert!

  • Drew Chambers

    I was fortunate enough to work for a small power pop band called Theatre in the eighties.We managed to get a opening slot on the Police Synchronicity Tour also with the English Beat. As I was setting up our gear one of the british road crew was vacuuming the carpeted stage and he stopped looked at me and said (Mate you know its a bloody big production when you bring a hoover along!) That phrase stuck with me,I was 18 I’ll never forget it.

  • Drew Chambers

    Another favorite moment was working the spotlight for 50 bucks in a nightclub in Naples Florida for the Outlaws. I was working for a band called Circle Six Billy Ashbaugh of NSYNC fame was the drummer anyway I digress. I had seen the Outlaws numerous times in the 70’s and here I was working for them if only for an hour or so it was cool.When I met them all after show I inserted foot in mouth by saying I used to enjoy there shows when I was 14 making them all feel very old I’m sure! Oh well

  • Betty King

    Hearing my then 13 year old son playing Free bird all by himself and not missing one note. I love my guitar pickers.

  • Drew Chambers

    One more crazy time in the infamous eighties in Naples Fl. There used to be this dive club by the name of Andy’s Stake house. Where I saw alot of good bands over the years! Well one day Andy the owner happened to hear of an arrest in the next town over Ft Myers it Sly Stone of Sly and the Family stone!!! Andy bailed him under the condition of playing the club that weekend. He did, and it was memorable to say the least Funky to the Bone. After that I guess Sly slipped into the drug induced departure until his recent return.I got my autographed vynil none the less and a few great musical memories

  • TanjaT

    It was my first Rolling Stones concert when I was 15….long ago it was, but still great memories!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Denise Mower

    I’m a band brat. My parents had a band and played at local events, weddings, and taverns. I just wish I were musically talented, it looked like a lot of fun!

  • Stephen Saunders

    Learning to play my first chord on a guitar… man that was sweet.

  • David

    Playing the trombone in highschool band, those were good times.

  • Michael

    Myu fav uncle took me to see Kiss in Detroit, my hometown, at age 11 in 1978. It was amazing. That was when I realized I wanted to play guitar.

  • Don Schraier

    My favorite musical memory was seeing Dexter Gordon play the saxophone through a club doorway when I was ten. I wound up playing professional saxophone all over the place with many bands later, getting stranded here and there and having a pretty wild time.

  • Betty N

    Watching my son and grandsons playing guitar and drums and leading praise music for church on a Sunday morning was an awesome experience for me.

  • Todd Burleigh

    My best musical memory is watching my son play guitar

  • Elisa Perkins

    Getting to hug Justin from Blur October after their conccert in 2006

  • valerie mabrey

    I use to love to hear the older next door neighbor play the piano. She played by ear and was wondeful.

  • tammy christiansen

    pat benatar at navy pier in chicago. was a blast.

  • Sara Mozicat

    Mine is definitely hearing my sister play cello with the Richmond Symphony. Not that I’d let her know that!

  • Holly B

    My best memory is not going to my prom to go to a concert with my best guy friend (who I’m now married to!), and going crazy in the mosh pit!

  • http://blisstree.com/topic/live/?utm_source=blisstree&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=b5hubs_migration Heather

    One of my fondest musical memories was riding in the car with my mom and singing along to “Forever In Blue Jeans” by Neil Diamond on the car’s 8 track player.

  • David Windhorst

    I also skipped my senior prom to catch a favorite band — but it was 34 years ago. My friends and I were the only glam/glitter fans in a little redneck west Kentucky town, so we drove seven hours to Knoxville for Mott the Hoople (who were fresh from becoming the first rock performers to play Broadway).

    Best. Show. Ever. “All the Young Dudes” live was transcendent. Altogether, way better than blowing a week’s pay to rent a cheezy tux and wake up drunk in the trunk of a car next to some girl I wouldn’t have really cared to see again because I was a serious-by-God musician and the music came first, even before good ol’ promsex.

    The only disappointment was that announced opening act Queen (on their inaugural American tour) had canceled and gone back home because Brian May caught hepatitis…

  • jenny hebert

    Flleet wood Mac those were the days

  • Brenton Cox

    I have a moment everytime a kid with a guitar hears Steve Vai for the first time

  • tim brown

    Flleet wood Mac

  • Angela J

    Most recent was finally downloading songs from iTune onto an iPod and rediscovering how pleasnt it was to listed to my “oldies” songs

  • Greg Haller

    I have great memories. They go back to the mid sixties, and some of them were so fantastic. One of my best, was seeing a band called Buffalo Springfield (Nash and Young were still part of the band) and having them call up on stage two of the Monkeys, that happened to be in the audience.

  • nadine m

    Going to my first concert at 12 with my brother, I can’t remember everyone but I remember New Edition was there

  • Timothy

    The day I got my first guitar and learned to play the same day.

  • lorene

    my favorite memory was of the ac/dc back in black album

  • israel y

    my first concert seeing david bowie – standing in 1 of the first few rows, amazing! thanks for the contest

  • donna pavcik

  • Bonnie

    My son Eric, is now a very popular and established guitar teacher in the Long Island, NY area. My fondest guitar memory was when we bought him his first guitar at the age of 9 and all he played over and over again was “Aint Talking About Love” by Van Halen. At first he played each chord slowly, over and over again..he did this until he got it perfect. You should hear him play now!!

  • Gretchen

    OK So when i was 13, my favorite band of all time was cheap trick. And they were playing in L.A., 100 miles away. i was’nt old enough to drive tho, so i ordered a full charter bus for me and my friends. it was all fine until 2 days bfore we left that my mom found out but she knew we were going no matter what so she ended up going with us. now this was a long time ago when there was still a bar at magic mountain so we left the bus and her there and went to the concert and it was awesome. my friend catherina was one of the people who went with us and i just saw her the other day in austin so yeah!

  • Gretchen

    another cool time was at christmas my brother came out here and gave my son(who is a diehard ozzy fan) Blasko’s pick(blasko is ozzy’s bassist) my brother works at a theatre were they played and blasko gave it to him backstage.and my son was so overjoyed he coul’dnt even put it into words

  • Shakeia Rieux

    mine was playing the flute in elementary

  • Post Post

    Before, I went with a friend to an England Dan concert, where he sang “It’s so sad to belong to someone else…” I think that was a wake up call. I had been involved with someone else at that time, but our relationship was going nowhere. Whereas with this friend of mine who went with me to the concert, we actually had a budding friendship that eventually turned into love. Now I am married to my good friend. :) I am actually glad… I made the right decision.

  • Post Post

    hi there! thanks for this contest. i put a link in my blog to this post as well as in ximmy. hope that gives me more entries! lol dying to have that guitar! thanks!

  • Jim

    Taking my guitar playing son to see Lynyrd Skynyrd and Peter Frampton. Watching the interaction between my son and Rickey Medlock of Skynyrd was the best.

  • Rich

    I saw Pink Floyd years ago, only time I’ve ever seen them. When that big pig started flying around Nassau Colliseum as Gilmour’s guitar wailed, great memory.

  • Dale Chaney, Sr.

    I performed with Lefty Frizzell , Johnny Bond and many others

  • Jill Myrick

    As a child I grew up in a very musical family. My family members would get together on special occasions like Christmas and Easter but also on summer and fall evenings.
    I had several uncles and a grandfather that would all bring their bango’s, guitars and violins. While most of the women; my mom, my aunt and my grandmother would play the piano. Everyone would bring a dish, fix a plate and the music would begin. There was always a variety from Bluegrass, to country to Honky Tonk. It was always a wonderful time. Not to mention allowing each of us the ability to play several instruments.
    I truly miss those days as now both of my grandparents and several of my uncles have passed on. But I will always
    cherish the memories of all of us together with the music flowing.

  • Paul N

    A great musical memory for me was when I got my first tape player for my seventh birthday. Even though it sounded bad by any current standards, it is still my most favorite musical item I have ever owned.

  • David Coward

    my first kiss concert

  • http://crushable.com/ Jeanne

    Attending the Grammy awards with my family when I was a kid :) It was an incredible feeling every time we went.

  • Hazel

    My favorite music memory was sitting there in my awkward teenage years with my awkward boyfriend listening to David Bowie music and generally being awkward. But in a romantic way. =P

  • AliciaZemer


  • Kirsten

    A beautiful night in San Francisco under the stars. Rolling Stones playing on stage while my husband and I held hands. It was romantic, surreal and a memory I will have forever.

  • Patricia Simpkin

    My favorite music memory is seeing Robert Plant and Jimmy Paige perform on stage. I’ve alway been a huge fan of Led Zepplin.

  • Doug Child

    I was at a gathering of 10th Mountain Division soldiers where John Denver was scheduled to make an appearance. He was asked to play a song for them, but he didn’t have a guitar with him. I DID!! He played ‘Calypso’ for us using my old Gibson!! How cool…..

  • Susan C

    One of my musical memories is when I was a little girl and heard American Pie by Don Mclean on the radio. I was immedietly entranced and begged my parents for the album.

  • April

    Memorable Music….That would have to be when I met some friends and they had their own concert. One played the violin and the other the piano. What talent. I wanted to sway with the music but didn’t dare move for the power that came off those strings. Tears just lighted and hung in my eyes.

  • David Gresh


  • Babalu

    I saw Elton John play at the Palladium, NYC, a smallish theater and it was intimate and exciting.

  • hazel hunt


  • sandra kao

    i’ve blocked most of it out, so all i can remember are my piano teacher’s thick, stumpy fingers

  • Erica C.

    I love listening to my boyfriend play the guitar.

  • Anthony Messina

    Ever since I’ve played keyboards in grammar school, I’ve been trying to learn to play guitar. I had a cheap acoustic that I’d pick up every now and then, but it would go out of tune so quickly that I got fed up with it. A nice high quality guitar such as this would allow me to maybe play for real instead of trying to make it up as I go along. Guitar Hero is as close as I get these days to playing.

  • Lisa

    Favorite musical memory would have to be my marching band trip to Florida. (many many years ago)
    I’ve been wanting to get one of these guitars, so I can learn how to play.

  • Johannah B

    My best memory was my first concert with Frankie Valle and the 4 Seasons…makes me old, but it still was great.

  • Burton Bathrick

    my navy years

  • John Mizell

    Went to a love in , in calif, Peter,paul, mary was there, playing and singing.

  • John Kraichely


  • http://blisstree.com/topic/live/?utm_source=blisstree&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=b5hubs_migration Maricar

    My dad, playing an out-of-tune guitar, to help us kids sleep!

  • kim

    my favorite musical memories is when i heard my friends play in their band… that’s the first time i saw a band live…

  • Devon Weisz

    This is an awesome contest! I want to win!

  • bunny

    Linked to your contest post here:

    In 3 times! Hope I’m lucky :)

  • bunny

    A musical memory? Well, I learned to play the piano in 6th grade. Didn’t go far though.. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • JH

    I played saxophone in junior high… well, until I had a bicycle accident (gym shoes hanging from the handlebars in a plastic bag + gravel on the roads after the spring thaw aren’t a great combination). I stopped playing music for a number of years.

    I picked up playing guitar a number of years later and have been a beginner ever since (10 years). I play for my wife and kids. My daughter recently received a toy guitar and loves to pick it up and ask for a lesson each time she hears me play. It’s been a great outlet for my creative side.

  • bunny

    Stumbled this post! ID: bunnybox9
    Hope I win!

  • RobynL

    We were at a hotel and most everyone was swimming. One of the adults says to me”you should have been here when this guy from the band/group goes down the waterslide head first and his trunks come off. Patty saw it.” Patty is our young sister. I guess it was funny actually and I missed it. *not mentioning the name b/c it is a well known band/group. They were playing that night.

  • Joseph

    I was 20 and worked on the road crew for a few major label bands. It was fun to do at that age, but I’m glad I didn’t make a life of it.

  • Mary Emma Allen

    When I was a teenager, I went with a friend and her family to New York City at Christmas time. We attended the musical, South Pacific. My first Broadway musical, first trip to NYC, and first ride on the train to the city.

  • afesomeh ofiare

    my best musical moment was the first time i heard the guns and roses song sweet child of mine especially the begining with slash on the guitar.

  • http://everyjoe.com/ Scott

    My mots favorite musical memory was when Ashley Simpson was lipsyncning on SNL and her music screwed up and she didn’t have a clue what to due but do a wierd hillbilly dance and it pretty much ruined her crappy career….that-was-AWESOME!!!

  • Teresa Hoyt

    My favorite musical memory was when my dad would play old records and sing along with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.

  • Tracey C

    My favorite memory just happened recently. my youngest son singing along to bullet for my valentine. Funny seeing a 6 yr old sing hearts burst into fire.

  • http://everyjoe.com/ Scott

    Teresa, that’s a great memory! Tracey as well. I love it when My son sings along to Black Sabbath or Aerosmith’s Greatest its Vol. 1. It’s over whelming to see children sing along to the classics!

  • Marie Fink

    Taking piano lessons as a little girl. Boy I hated practicing though!

  • David

    Saw the Foo Fighters recently, they were awesome! Lots of energy!

  • richard t.

    My girfriend taking me to “Jesus Christ Superstar” on Broadway.

  • christopher h

    i remember the first time i heard santana live

  • Angela Harris

    I have so many great musical memories, music can take you back to a different time in your life, I guess my favorit would be going to a outdoor jimmy buffett concert with my cousin and my family and friend,,,we had a blast!!

  • http://happythoughtshappytot.blogspot.com Paula

    My husband singing love songs to me on the phone.

  • Jim Hansen

    Going to a Mike Peters (The Alarm) concert and he sang a song which he dedicated to my daughter.

  • Jay French

    I remember back in grade school when, if we were good, we were able to listen to WLS AM on Friday morning, back when they had Top 40 on AM…

  • http://ptmoney.com PT

    I remember when I purchased by first lot of CDs from one of those 10 CDs for $1 subscription deals. Among the selections were:

    Don Henly
    Toni Braxton
    John Secada

    Varied selections, I know…

    Stumbled on 5/27.

  • Jay

    Not a very good memory, but one nonetheless – I went to see Def Leppard with two hot girls and I was so drunk I threw up on them. And I know they wanted me that night…never saw them again. Oh what could have been. Let me win this guitar so I can forget those hot girls. :)

  • anna t.

    Seeing & Hearing “Jesus Christ Supestar” in Broadway when I was growing up.

  • Bonny S.

    My favorite musical memory would have to be all the great songs my fiance and I picked out for our wedding reception. Elvis, Chicago, Steve Miller, Eagles, Lynard Skynard and so many others. They all made the perfect day for us with all those great tunes!

  • Carl S.

    Going to the Beach Boys concert when I was about 14. I had to polish my parents wood floors before they would let me go, so it was a real treat!

  • http://www.theshoppingduck.com Cecile

    My favorite musical memory is when my family went to Disneyland and every time my sister and I would pass Tomorrowland they were playing the same song – There Must Be Some Misunderstanding. We now consider this “our” song!

    Stumbled and linked to!


  • http://mommainflipflops2.blogspot.com Andrea

    My best memory is when I gave my husband his first guitar. My second memory is getting to play the big beginning song at my pinao recital and the ending song because I couldn’t finally play long musical pieces.

  • http://www.thezenofmotherhood.blogspot.com Mama Zen

    The first tour after Kiss put the make-up back on!

  • Emily N.

    I will always remember sitting in a large auditorium as a child listening to my mother playing the violin during her orchestra rehearsals.

  • misty w

    I’m entering this for my hubby. And his musical memory is seeing Metallica in concert.

  • cheryl kelly

    My son, who is 11, has taken guitar for 5 yrs and piano for 7 yrs. Every year, in a packed recital hall, he gets standing ovation. Talk about memories! When I am upset with him for whatever reason, I look at him and understand…he’s a musician.
    He has a crappy piano but he persists.
    He has an old too small guitar, but he persists.
    I would LOVE to be able to see his eyes if I won this.
    If I win, by any chance, I will send a video; he’s not just a wonderful musician for a child; he is a wonderful musician period.
    please lucky stars….

  • Ilissa H.

    My best music memory is playing a piano duet ‘My Way’ with my Japanese exchange student before driving her to the airport. That was almost 10 years ago.

    By the way, that is a beautiful guitar!

  • Bhavana

    Best music memory was a Bob Dylan concert right here in my town. It was before I had my kids and took me to a totally different world. I couldnt even see him from where we were but the energy and aura of that place was incredible!

  • Peggy Gorman

    In 1996 I saw the Highwaymen,I was so close I could almost touch them. It was wonderful. I think it was one of the last performances by them. Johnny Cash,Kris Kristofferson,Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.
    Four legends on stage together,beautiful music,its something I will always remember.

  • http://sillymommy2sillygirls.blogspot.com/ Noreen

    I saw sade in concert, outdoors under the stars and it was magical

  • julie

    My first concert was the Police…Synchronicity tour..too cool..15 yrs old thinking I am all that…My brother takes us and we wiggle to the front…It felt as if Sting was actually singing to me….You never quite have that feeling as you do at your first concert..magic.

  • Huguette E.

    My best music memory is seeing my kids perform at school concerts when they were little :)

  • ariane

    my best musical memory was when i performed on the stage! its a musical play and im the lead performer in the story. hope i’ll win! thanks a lot!

  • Tisha

    One of the best musical memories I have was playing in a piano recital when I was little. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  • http://amyadoyzie.wordpress.com Amy

    Best musical memory is going on a tour of the west coast with my best friend in our lo-fi dance punk rock band called China Loca (http://www.razorcake.org/amy/chinaloca/)

  • Patrick

    I just remeber those days when we play, the moshpit is in front of us. it’s like giving you the urge to play at your hearts out.

  • UptakeInOH

    We lived on Lake Erie when I was a child and I was a little beach baby. I remember spending hot days at the beach in Huron, basking in the sun, with a big cooler of lemonade and PB&J sandwiches. There was always a radio along and I remember listening to Supertramp, Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Olivia Newton-John, Fleetwood Mac…..this is the music I will forever associate with my early childhood spent at the beach!

  • Anne

    When I was 15, my father took us to England. While we were in London, Gladys Knight and the Pips were playing at the Paladium.

    It was sort of like I was dreaming and or fantasizing. Here I was in a different country, in one of the most beautiful theatres in England, watching and American legend sing.

    It was a magical evening! Great giveaways btw!! and thanks!

  • dale schmucker

    back in 1988, I acted like I was part of the metallica road crew. everyone believe me. I ended up meeting the entire band. what a great night!!!!!!!!!

  • Teresa Phillips

    My Memory was of Bon Jovi in Greenville, SC. I locked eyes with JBJ twice as was in heaven for the rest of the night.

  • Mary_Freebies

    Best musical memory was when I was 12, I sang with a group, in a school party. I was wearing a white dress!

    I stumbled, same nickname.

  • Steph

    This would be a great gift for my little sister who is learning to play the guitar!

  • Steph

    My best musical memory was the first time my mom took me to a concert. I saw heart and watching all of the musicians on stage gave me goosebumps. I still get goosebumps every time I go to a concert, whether it’s a local band or a headliner, there’s just something about live music that makes everything sort of magical.

  • Sarah

    My favorite music memory happened only a few months ago. I went to a G-Love and Special Sauce concert in the downtown of my city. I was so close to the stage I could feel them sweat. It was disgusting but all together an amazing night!

  • matt

    My best musical memory came a couple years ago when I got to see Maynard Ferguson in concert. He died later that year. Also I stumbled this post. My profile is mash6087.

  • Angela

    I worked as a waitress on the graveyard shift at a truckstop and one night Motley Crue came in. It was pretty exciting for me. They were great guys, big tippers and of course I got their autographs. It was a long while ago, but I still treasure the memory.

  • Deacon Maccubbin

    Back in the “summer of love” (that’s the late 1960s for those too young to shave), when I was a long-haired anti-war protester, I marched up Fifth Avenue in New York during a peace march. I noticed a young man carrying a guitar case, and I struck up a conversation with him, offering to carry his guitar part of the way. We chatted amiably for block after block, then entered Central Park where he took the guitar, thanked me for the conversation, and said he had to “go up front” now. A few minutes later, I was floored to see him mount the stage and begin to perform. He was Phil Ochs, the incredible folksinger, songwriter, and performer, whose music had been so central to my personal philosophy. But I had never recognized him on the march route, and would never have dreamed he would be so friendly and down to earth with a total stranger. It’s a memory I have always treasured.

  • priscilla haynes

    One of my best and favorite musical momories is my son Kip’s first public guitar solo in seventh grade.

  • http://superdumbsupervillain.blogspot.com/ Naomi

    I have many musical memories but the first was probably learning to play “hot cross buns” on the recorder in second grade. Then my dad grabbed it and played the sixties song “everyone knows it’s wendy” which made me think he was a total rock star. but, in reality, it’s about the extent of the musical talent in my family! I never made it past a couple of chords on bass or guitar, so the Fretlight would be cool to play with.

  • Stephanie V

    no laughing — my best musical memory is my first concert when I was 11 — Rick Springfield. Yes, tears were shed much to my mother’s and father’s dismay. 8)

  • http://everyjoe.com/ Dave Parrack

    One of the best music memories I’ve got is the first gig I attended. I was a very late starter so it wasn’t until I was 25, but once it came it blew my mind.

    I went to see the Stereophonics in Nottingham, and came out absolutely blown away and slightly deaf with it. Since then, I’ve been to dozens of gigs, so it really did change my life.

  • http://www.avclub.us/megret/ Megret

    Mine is kind of old-fashioned, but special nonetheless. Every Saturday night, my parents, sister and I used to sit/stand around the piano while Mom played. Sometimes Dad would accompany her on guitar. We’d all sing (in harmony) hymns and any songs we could come up with that were fun to sing. Great memories!

  • http://www.bebemiqui.blogspot.com Bebemiqui

    Best musical memory would be my senior year of high school. I had written a song and was able to play it in the variety show in front of the whole school. It meant the world to me to have the guts to do that.

  • Mike Q

    One of the best musical memories for me, I was working day shift in a plastic factory when my friend who was working night shift went out to cash his paycheck.
    He came back about an hour later and said “guess what I just got?”
    I said, “what’s that”
    He replied “As I was sitting in line to get my check cashed an announcement came over the radio. It said that Pink Floyd The Wall tickets go on sale now for Nassau Colosseum. I finished cashing my check rushed to ticketron and bought 5 tickets, floor seats.”
    I said “is one of those for me?”
    He said “absolutely.”
    That show was a once in a lifetime event seeing David Gilmore ripping the guitar solo for Comfortably Numb from on top of the wall was unbelievable.
    I seen a lot of shows Pink Floyd Animals, Pink Floyd after the break up, Live Aid, Live 8, Live Earth, Woodstock 2, Stones, The Dead, plus about 150 others. But nothing I mean nothing has ever come close to that show.

  • mitchell

    I remember going to my first concert – Pink Floyd. That was a real eye opener and an amazing concert. Still is the best one I’ve ever been to.

  • Joanna Smith

    My best musical memory has nothing to do with concerts, although I have been to over 200 concerts in the last 5 years! I play acoustic and bass guitar and I also play the piano. My piano teach of 12 years, Mrs. Surasky, was an old school teacher. She turned on the metronome the minute my lessons started and like clockwork would tap her number 2 pencil on the piano to the same speed as the metronome was beating to. This literally made me crazy, annoying as all heck, but I endured it each and every lesson. Well, this one day Mrs. Surasky was obviously feeling more than a bit frustrated with my playing and as she was tapping, okay now she was banging her no 2 pencil on the piano all of a sudden the pencil just cracked in half and flew in her face! Okay, first she was not hurt, more just startled, but we were both so shocked, and then when I knew she was okay, I could not contain myself any longer, I just burst out laughing! All of my pent up stress from having to endure her strict method of teaching was set free, if even just for that moment! To this day, I still get a big huge grin on my face when I think of that moment, which was over 12 years ago! Seems like yesterday because although Mrs. S. was a royal pain in the you know what, she was the most effective piano teacher I could have ever wished for, and one of the main reasons I am successful with my music today. And, this is a true story!! Mrs. S., I hope you are reading this! Thanks for offering this great giveaway and giving me an opportunity to share my story!

  • Denise

    My fondest musical memory? That’s easy – hands down, it was the time I went to a Sugar Ray, Fastball and Goo Goo Dolls concert with my mother and sister.

    It was my first concert experience at 11 years old. In the beginning, I was being a typical pre-teen and whining about the fact I had to go to a concert with my MOTHER (*gasp), but when we got there I began to realize it was an experience to treasure, not loathe.

    We had a blast, and that was when I first saw my mother as not just a mom, but a woman with varied interests and life experiences to share. The concert was memorable for not just the music, but the fact I got to spend it with my mom and my sister by my side. I’ll never forget it!

  • Duncan Rice

    One of my lasting musical memories is of the guy across the road from me when I was younger, trying to learn the violin.

    Every morning the whole street would be woken by his ‘screetching cat’ noises.

  • http://thefrugalmomma.blogspot.com Lisa K

    Getting to introduce the band playing at out first local fall festival! They are an awesome Folk/Jam band & played straight through with no breaks. It was a 3 ish hour jam fest “Big Leg Emma” was the band. It was the best concert I’ve ever been too.

  • http://www.queeniesplace.com/ Queenie

    My best musical memory is not my first. I have friends that have been working their band for several years. They are passionate when they play and I love watching them. Two years ago, they got a break and put out an album. I attended the launch party where the venue was filled with many from the music industry. A big deal for my friends. As I watched them play that night, I saw my friends doing what they loved, doing it with passion, and finally realizing one of their long sought after dreams. It was amazing on so many levels. And a night that I will never forget.

  • Dan Riley

    My favorite musical memories revolve around ZONE MUSIC in Cotati California. They have these musician’s swap meets a couple of times a year. I’ve got to meet Jack Blades, Steve Miller, Y & T, and the late Jim Boggio there, all either buying or selling vintage gear…neat face to face time…

  • Lorna

    Too many wonderful musical memories to choose from! Probably the most special was the first time my daughter sang with me on-stage…a truly magical moment!

  • w davie

    I was a teenager in the sixties when we were spoilt for choice as far as music was concerned we had the beatles the rolling stones and many more i also love the eagles and play guitar a little and winning this guitar would bring me on more

  • Caryn B

    I don’t know if this is weird, funny, or cute but my dad is an avid country music fan and my best memories are waking up to here him singing (off-key of course) bluegrass songs older than him!

  • Gerardo Young

    Hmmmm…. The double concert of The smashing pumpkins & Incubus. It was just musicgasmic….
    Best concert EVER.

  • Godsrockangel

    Me and my Best Friend Kerry at Revive@Soul Survivor in 2000. We were at the Phatfish Gig right at the front right in the middle – under the lead singers nose practically! The concert rocked we grabbed banana and chocolate pancakes on the way back to our tent and then hung out in our sleeping bags under the stars

  • betty

    My best musical memories are the times my dad would play sax along to the radio when I was a girl.

  • Janice Reyes

    I love this contest its so cool. My husband is going to freak if I win it.

  • Leigh Nichols

    I was three years old when I first discovered music- I mean REALLY discovered it. I was staring out the window of my mother’s 1968 Mustang as we rode along, and “Hey Jude” came on the radio. I stood up in the back seat and screamed for my mother to turn it up-
    “I LIKE this song!”
    My mother smiled and snickered- to her I imagine it was cute.
    To me, it was more like an awakening.

  • Marilyn Wons

    My best musical memory was seeing Willie Nelson in concert in Virgina, twenty-some years ago!

  • Lauren

    While I love the instrument and can’t think of much I’d trade my playing ability for, I have to say my best memory was the day my mom told me I didn’t have to take piano lessons anymore.

    I started lessons at 4 and loved them. But two moves and three teachers later I was not quite so enamored. Partially because I was about 12 years old and could think of better things to do than pound out scales and triads and mid-level songs. But mainly because my latest teacher whom I’d had the ‘joy’ of sticking with for the last three years was likely getting old and senile, but translated to my young mind as “mean.”

    I like to think I had some talent at piano, but she kept me in the same level lesson books, sometimes regressing, for years. She would often tell me that I was playing something wrong and then show me how it was played…which was exactly what I’d been playing. She once stopped a kid at a recital whom she was playing a duet with announcing that the kid had screwed up and needed to start over when it was actually she who had messed up.

    I had begged my mom to let me quit and she always refused, assuring me that I just making a big deal out of nothing and should be able to stick it out. It couldn’t be as bad as I said.

    My mom also plays and that last year she was going to play a duet with me in the final recital, meaning we BOTH needed to be at a practice session with my teacher. To this day I can’t remember what was said, why my mom must have felt challenged or insulted or probably a mixture of both.

    I just remember getting in the car after the lesson where she turns to me and says “I’m sorry. I think I told you it ‘couldn’t be that bad?’ I was wrong, it was worse! And you never have to go back there again.”

    (**And there’s a happy ending since the following year I found my best teacher yet, who I stuck with for the rest of my piano education)

  • How to DIY

    My biggest memory with music is when I was 15 and learned to play my first song, all the way through, on the guitar.

    It was Enter Sandman by Metallica and took me about 2 months to master it. Once I got it learned and good, I was hooked.

    Also to kill 2 birds with one stone, I just stumbled this article.

  • Jennifer B

    My favorite musical moment is watching my oldest son play drums and my youngest play the trumpet, together at the annual Flag Day ceremonies at their school.

  • Favie

    best musical memory was when i first held a guitar.

  • Chuck

    My life has been one great musical memory after another, it seems. I’ll throw out some highlights for fun, though…cuz I think this is a great idea for a contest.

    1. First time I played a song on the guitar (1968 or so). It was Ray Stevens’ “Everything is Beautiful”. I loved being able to play a song I knew and loved on an instrument I could carry with me (I’d already had a few years of piano under my belt by that point anyway). I think it was about 10 years before I laid that guitar down again. ;-)

    2. Writing my first song ever (1970). I did it as a requirement for completion of a Boy Scout merit badge in Music. It was an instrumental…a sad one…called Judgment Day. Many years later, I recorded the song on my first piano album.

    3. Learning to love listening to lead guitar. Phil Keaggy was one of the great ones for me (not to mention meeting him at his house in 1975)…check him out on YouTube. But there are so many great lead soloists and solos. Larry Carlton, Russ Freeman, Clapton. I never learned how to play lead seriously…but was able to play a solo that I really love on my most recent piano album (you can listen to it in the background of this video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9-ApK9UdBfg ). I find it terribly sad that truly great lead guitar doesn’t happen much anymore.

    4. Playing music for people as a radio DJ. I was in radio for many years, and loved sharing songs that I loved with listeners…and having them call and tell me how much they appreciated it.

    I’ll stop there…but suffice it to say that my life (and probably the lives of most of us) would be much poorer without music.

  • Robert

    My best musical memory? Well, I am a budding guitarist, and have just recently started to learn to play. My best musical memory would have to be about a month ago, when I actually played the intro to my favorite song, “Plastic Man” by Seether. I know it isn’t much for a lot, but considering I have no formal training, and I am only able to use my friends guitar, I am quite proud of the fact that I played it.

    I would love to win this cool guitar, it would allow me to play at my own house instead of travelling to my friends place, and if I am seeing correctly, it shows you the chords to play.

  • Jason Marik

    Well where do I begin? My whole life has always been filled with music,From birth till the age of 8 I lived country music because of my Mom,I don’t mean top pop country I mean outlaw country like Willie, Waylan and the boys, Johnny Cash,Hank Williams and JR., Patsy Cline etc. Then at the ripe old age of 8 or so I had a step sister that totally changed my world.She introduced me to AC/DC, Def Leppard, Van Halen and some others. Well my mom cool as hell went and bought me my first LP’s You know Records The first ones I had were Van halens 1984, Quiet Riot’s Metal Health, Motley Crue’s Shout at the devil, Def Leppards Pyromania and Twisted Sisters Stay Hungry,AC/DC’s Back in Black and a compilation called Masters of Metal!! I was hooked!! As time went on I discovered the first Crue album other AC/DC albums Etc.etc Then in 5th grade or so I heard My very first Anthrax and fell in love all over again,Also about that time I heard M.O.D., S.O.D. Metallica, And the all mighty SLAYER!! Thrash Metal stole my heart! I couldn’t believe how heavy it was I couldn’t get enough!! Also around that time Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy/Sabbath graced my ears & I loved it all! My step brother Around that time was turning me on to the classics like The Doobie Bros., Clapton, Styx, Little Feat etc.He also took me to 2 of my first concerts which was Tom Petty with The legendary Bob Dylan very cool and Little Feat which I happened to catch a drum stick that broke in half my first Momento!!! Then One day I stumbled upon Sepultura’s Beneath the Remains!!!! OH MY GOD!!!It was the heaviest music I had ever heard! Once again I fell in love!!! My life has always revolved around music the heavier the better.My first heavy metal show was The Clash of the Titans with SLAYER,Megadeth and Anthrax and some unknown band from Seattle called Alice in Chains I was 15!!! Countless shows have followed. I’ve been to shows from Phoenix AZ. to Memphis Tenn.
    While living in Phoenix Az I worked at Pizza Hut and one day while the store was empty mid afternoon It was Me my Roommate and our manager the only ones there and This Guy walked in with his girlfriend to eat lunch. Now mind you SLAYER is my all time fav. band Well this guy sat down and when I looked at him I froze! He sure looked like Kerry King from Slayer!!I went and told my roommate and he came out to see what I was freaking out about and sure as Hell it was Kerry King in my Pizza Hut!!!!! After I composed myself I very calmly went up to his table and asked ” You’re Kerry King HUH!” Kind of suprised he said Yeah and all I could say was DUDE SLAYER!!!! and then I asked him for his autograph,I appologized for interupting his lunch which he didn’t seem to mind and that was my first autograph from him! Also around that time I joined my first band! We were awfull but we had fun Istarted playing drums first then discovered I could Growl and scream better than I could play drums then Last but not least I started playing guitar!! Now in my adult years Music is still as much a part of my life as ever!! I have been to countless concerts and Most of them I usually somehow get back stage and meet the bands I’ve got picks autographs drum sticks Posters shirts most of all of them are autographed! I saw Pantera In Little Rock where I had the Honor and Pleasure of meeting Dimebag Darrell Abbott (R.I.P) He was being rushed along by an assistant Who kept saying NO MORE AUTOGRAPHS DIMES GOT TO GO and I ran up and asked him Hey man I know you gotta go but can I get a quick autograph and true to character Dimebag stopped ignored his assistant and said Sure Man NO PROBLEM he asked if we enjoyed the show Of course we did and Shook our hands and then said I GUESS I ‘ve GoTTA GO Later dudes!!VERY VERY COOL DUDE!! Then in Memphis we went to see Damage Plan and Hate Breed but There was an emergency with Dime bags family so Damage Plan didn’t play but Hate breed stepped up and covered for them and after that show we were hanging out out behind the club when we saw Sean Martin Guitar player for HateBreed I asked if he wanted to partake in some extra ciricular activities and he said sure and told us to come with him and took us behind the scenes he said we couldn’t go on the bus but that was ok so we hung out with him for quite a while another very cool dude!!! There are so many stories I could tell about all the Musicians I’ve had the pleasure to meet and hang out with briefly and talk to I could go on forever! Now I have a daughter She’s 8 years old and loves music too! She already knows how to keep a beat on the drums she can sing pretty good but getting better she plays piano by ear and next she wants to learn guitar!! Very cool!!! I love it!! Sorry this was so long but it’s not easy taking a life time of memories and trying to sum them up in a couple of paragraphs any ways hope you enjoyed my story!!!! Thanks alot Jason

  • Lyle

    In 1974 I attended a Ten Years After concert. They were great and I’d Love To Change the World is still one of my favorite songs. My big surprise was the opening act. It was The Eagles! I had bought the tickets totally unaware.

  • Kathy Scott

    Slumber parties as a kid and staying up all night singing the songs to Grease.

  • Kris

    I have so many musical memories…. I have been to hundreds of concerts over the years. My best memory would probably be seeing pennywise on NYE 10 years ago, or getting to meet linkin park. But, the real reason I would love to win this is that I never got a chance to learn an instrument. I love the guitar, but have never played. I think that this guitar would be great for me!

  • Bonnie Day

    My favorites memories are singing in my church choir and also the school choral program where I was picked to sing with the the city choir

  • Guilherme Paraiso

    linkin park concert is my best memory

  • Deci Worland

    Neil and Pegi Young together playing outside, under the redwoods in Big Sur last year. Sitting on the grass with a few people, under the stars.

  • Cathleen

    A recent memory sticks out- having moved from the west coast to the Lexinton, Kentucky area in February 2007, we were driving along the scenic bluegrass route as it started snowing. The first song we hear on the radio was Tupac Shakur “California,” which we thought so incongruous to the setting -we blasted it up of course -through all the dips and turns on the roads, the song augmented the scenery somehow beautifully!

  • judy brittle

    it would have to be my first dance in junior high. a boy i had a crush on asked me to dance and he sang me a song. it was a sweet young memory.

  • Robert Abramson

    When I was in high school I lived in a hotel. One night I went out on the fire escape to look for an eclipse. I can’t remember if the eclipse occured because a young lady turned on the light in the room with the window next to the fire escape and took all of her clothes off,turned on the radio and danced arround for a few minutes in her perfect 10 body. It was a great musical experience in never will forget

  • Joanna Connor

    jamming with friends, and acting like we were rocking a BIG gig.

  • JoAnn Zimmerman

    Getting to meet the Steve Miller Band and riding in their coach to the concert

  • K. Cleaver

    My favorite musical memory is from my time in high school. We had band camp every summer which was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed playing at the football games, basketball games and the competitions we went to through out the year.

    I kept busy playing in the orchestra and choir as well. They were more low key then playing in the band.

    My whole 4 years in high school was filled with music and we had a blast.

  • Geoffrey Mueller

    Best memory –a Limeliters concert when I was in college — and that says how old I am.

  • http://www.dailydollarreport.com David

    I wrote about your contest on my blog and stumbled your post.

    My best musical memory was when I attended 3 concerts in the same week from my 3 favorite artists all in different locations in FL.

  • ruby

    My best musical memory was when I attended my first and only concert so far… back in high school, and it was an Evanescence concert. It was when she was barely getting known and it was awesome!

  • http://earsucker.com Roger Deming

    my best musical memory was when I turned out for choir and tghe music teacher told me the best thing I could do for the choir was to turn out for football. He was right! I got a scholarship for football and the girl I was trying to impress by turning out for the choir got a scholarship for music. We went to college together and got married. we were all winners.

  • Jay Fenster

    seeing pearl jam at downing stadium on randall’s island, when the sky opened up in a pouring rain during “black.” fitting.

  • justin black

    he were one i am going to win

  • kristan Anderson

    My favorite music moment was the first time I ever heard Charlie Parker belt out his old time jazz. Wow. I just soak it in.

  • Pamela White

    My best musical memory is 2nd grade when I sang and played the autoharp in front of my school.

  • Jean F

    Thank you for holding such a great giveaway! I remember seeing Three Dog Night opening for Black Sabbath back in the 70’s-that was a very strange show.

  • alex

    my best musical memory would have to eb the day I finally got my own electic guitar

  • Elizabeth M.

    I think it’s listening to the new year’s eve countdowns on my little red transistor radio when I was a kid. It was something I looked forward to big time every single year.

  • http://www.thomassemesky.com Thomas Semesky

    Best memory was hearing the Beatles for the first time and the British Invasion that followed.

  • Ron Miller

    Pink Floyd in Cleveland stadium in the early 80’s

  • Michelle Simons

    My best musical memory is when my grandma was alive and would play the piano. now she was a pack rat and her couch was in front of the piano and she would kneel on the couch and play a song called 10 little indians and shake her big behind. I would laugh so hard at her. she was the best grandma anyone could ask for!

  • Samantha Pruitt

    my favorite memory was going to the Spice Girls Reunion Tour, which was totally awesome!

  • Bobbye F

    The first amazing music memory I had was going to an Air Supply concert. Ok I’m telling my age and looking back now they did sing some cheesy love songs, but at that moment I knew I wanted to be a live concert participant! The Music got better and the bands I have seen were amazing since then. Every chance I get I go to a live concert!

  • bob

    Hearing Annie Lennox sing
    live. It was exquisite.

  • Janet

    My best music experiences when my daughter sang at talent shows , at church,4 h share the fun,ball games, graduations, etc.

  • Sylvia Porter

    when i went to the Beatles concert it was soooo awesome! you could hardly hear them singing, but just being there was amazing!

  • Sean

    The Aerosmith Concert… on Guitar hero; lol

  • Lori

    I flew to Dallas from Missouri when I was 18 and saw the Texas Jam which featured over 30 bands and then the next night I saw Pantera in a small bar before they hit it big….very cool!

  • mark

    Listening to ACDC IN a van with no shocks, with all my friends heading to parties.

  • Cindy McLalin

    When my 5th grade son was asked to join the High School Marching band.

  • Renee G

    I attended a Yanni concert a few years back in a reserved box— complete with food, friends, great music. A fantastic music experience — and one that makes regular tickets to anything a little disappointing.

  • Tina Hartley

    I woukd love to see my son play this

  • tnchick

    Musical Memory would be growing up playing the organ and signing with my grandfather (at the same time… LOL). I miss those days. I always wanted to learn to play piano but never have learned… bummer. My hubby plays guitar tho!

  • Michelle K-S

    I remember the first time in music class, I believe in first grade being given a triangle to play, and how much fun I had playing it.

  • Zakiya Williams

    My favorite music memory is being a little girl and my mom turning up the radio while cooking and cleaning. This was the 80’s and I remember her singing to Tina Turner and Patti Labelle and always singing the lyrics before the singer sang them. It was so annoying at the time but when I remember those times I remember how good it felt being a little girl and thinking my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • How to DIY

    Just threw in a stumble to SU. Looking forward to the results.

  • jennifer slusser

    listening to old records in my bedroom as a kid i would dig through my moms 45s all day long and sing and dance in my room

  • phillip stacy

    Am early Bob Dylan concert in the sixties.

  • elena

    I’dlike to win

  • Dave

    Ok, so I’ve always wanted to learn how to play, and now my four year-old is asking to learn, and I’ve got a two year-old who wants to do whatever big brother is doing, so….




  • Miranda Allen

    Playing trombone in high school and the spit valve broke during a concert while i was playing..

  • amylou

    We went to see Sir Paul McCartney when he was in Tacoma, Washington. We flew down from Anchorage, Alaska just for the concert. We had seats on the floor at about the 15th row. Best concert I’ve ever been to. He sang some Beatles songs, Wings and some of his new stuff. Fantastic!

  • Marie Noguerole

    U2concert was my first concert ever…had fourth row tickets on the floor near those giant speakers…it was amazing.

  • Jason Fiske

    When I was in 9th Grade, my buddy and I wanted to see the Grateful Dead in DC. My mom would not let us go hang out with the “deadheads”. The negative connotation was too great. After much pleading, she took us up there (would not let us drive). She hung out in the van while we jammed (slipped the guy a $20 spot) up front to Grateful Dead and Bruce Hornsby. It was awesome. Bruises adorned our chest from getting pressed against the metal fence. When we got back to the van, my mom had a case of beer and food that the deadheads who couldn’t get in gave her. They sat around and cooked food for her and told her their life stories(as this is). They named her SUPERMOM. From then on, we could hit the dead concerts or any concerts by ourselves.

  • Aidan Louis

    Walking into a Jimmy Buffett show on crutches with waterguns filled with vodka. They didn’t check that And it was a great summer show.

  • Jennifer Barr

    when i saw AC/DC in concert :)

  • P. Adams

    My best musical memory is of my dad trying to teach me to play guitar. I was 13 and really wanted to learn. We worked hard that summer and had the best time. But 33 years later I still can’t play that well. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Brandy

    My fondest musical memory was the summer I went to the very first Ozzfest. I was only like 14 at the time and went with my cousin who’s a few years older than me. We had a great time and saw one of our favorite bands Type O Negative. It was a fun little road trip~

  • Amber Porter

    Seeing Aerosmith in concert!

  • Cherlyn H

    Going to my first concert “New Kids on the Block”

  • Bryan Gillespie

    Early in the 1980s, The Police played in Knoxville, TN. I was shooting pictures for the local entertainment weekly paper and had gone to the local Hyatt Regency after the concert to grad a bite to eat and down a cold one or two. While I was there, about 2 a.m., a group of people came into the bar where I was by my lonesome. It was Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland with some roadies and some ladies. They invited me to sit at their table and even bought my drinks. After an hour of small talk, I talked them into a picture or two. They were very cooperative, and so I asked about Sting. They proceeded to take me up to the penthouse suite and there was Sting with a few people have a bite to eat. We got to talk, and he gave me an autograph, but did not want his picture taken. We said our farewells, and the rest is history.

  • Patricia Oates

    When I was a teenager I went to listen to every concert a local rocker, Jimmie Clanton, played.

    Years later, I was on my honeymoon in Edinburgh, Scotland, and my husband and I went to a movie on a rainy afternoon. It was one of those early films where every rock and roll band the producer could discover was featured. And, of course, there was Jimmie Clanton!

  • tammy ohagan

    My fondest memories are sitting on the porch listening to my dad, mom, aunt’s and uncles playing music in the summer time! My dad taught our neighbor boys how to play and they won Battle of the Bands several years in a row. My dad had played all of his life! He even played for Mrs. Roosevelt at the Arthurdale, WV opening of the New Deal Project!

  • Kristie Noguera

    I remember the first time I jumped into a group of fiddlers and bluegrass players and figured out how to play along even when I didn’t know the tunes.

  • Susanne Troop

    Taking band in school…I wished that I would have stuck with it!

  • victoria lynch

    I remember when I was 8 and I lost both of my front teeth. It was at christmas time and I had to sing a solo at the school christmas play. I had to sing “If only I had my two front teeth”. I would sing and smile to show my two front teeth were missing. Everyone was laughing at me and saying how cute I looked. They still talk about my teeth or lack ove at christmas

  • Tammy Greer

    Listening to “Laila” as a teenager. It brings back such warm feelings of such an uncomplicated time in my life.

  • Trisha Dowling

    20 yrs ago, i was in the 6th grade i was given a dubbed tape. social distortion on one side and suicidal tendencies on the other. that day changed my life forever. i will never forget that day.

  • ruby

    i commented yesterday but i’m not sure it went through? so i’ll do it again! lol the best musical memory i have is of attending an Evanescence concert when I was in high school. It was awesome! It was also when Evanescence was starting to make it big, so I got to see the birth of their music :]

  • brady

    my best musical memory was almost a sad one, when i first hear the song hero of war, it made me cry just thinking about how my dad died a prisoner of war………thats why war sucks