Ellen DeGeneres does not like Simon Cowell

According to TMZ, American Idol judges Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell are not on the best of terms with each other.

The feuding started when Ellen reported for her first day of work on the show, to which Simon was reportedly late. That’s not the only reason for her dislike, however. She doesn’t particularly care for the way that he badgers the contestants and rips on them for their performances.

TMZ reports:

Our insiders say Simon and Ellen aren’t even trying to hide it. Ellen can’t stand what she believes is Simon’s cruelty toward contestants. And, we’re told, Simon actually enjoys pissing Ellen off with his blistering critiques.

It all started badly when Simon showed up late for Ellen’s first week of “A.I.” taping and made her wait around. Producers separated the two — who began the season sitting side-by-side — but the tension has gotten worse.

But business is business. “A.I.” is beating the Olympics, and ratings for Ellen’s show skyrocketed last week.

Are you glad that he’s no longer going to be on the show after this season? Who do you think should replace him?

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