Emblem3 Performs ‘Baby I Love Your Way’ On The X Factor (Video)

Emblem3 Performs 'Baby I Love Your Way' On The X Factor (Video)

Tonight on “The X Factor”, it’s semi-finals week and the competition is heating up. Taking the stage for tonight’s performance episode of the show is Simon Cowell’s boy band Emblem3. They will be taking on their rendition of “Baby I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton for their contestant’s choice song. In case you’re missing all of the happenings on the show, we are providing our fully detailed live recap here.

Left in the competition are Emblem3, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens. Who are you rooting for to take home the top prize?

Our commentary:

They are definitely putting their own spin on this oldie but goodie. They took into account Demi’s advice from last week to command the stage. The entire audience is clapping along and Simon is grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Judges’ commentary:

L.A. Reid said that they are fortunate to be so charismatic and charming. He was wondering if they were going to have their five million dollar moment, until now. He loved it. Britney Spears said that the performance felt special and it would be unfair to call them a boy band because they are more than that. Demi Lovato said that’s exactly what she was talking about. Simon Cowell said what he loves is that it reminded him of their very first audition. They chose a fantastic song and if this doesn’t get them into the finals, nothing will.

Is Emblem3 your favorite act of the second season of the hit talent competition? Do they have what it takes to go all of the way and win the five million dollar recording contract? Hit the comments and let us know if you’ve been rooting for Emblem3 the whole season!

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